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CHIEF Executive Officer's Message

Dear Friends:

Our system continues to do very well, and we continue to see great results in ridership and community relationships. We are growing our Universal Access program, moving two new BRT lines forward, juggling opportunities for transit centers in key locations and prepping for new fare collection equipment that will provide customers with new and convenient ways to pay fares.

On the ridership side, we are 6% ahead of the same time last year, while customer revenue is 3% higher than 2013. While ridership slowed recently due to the cold temperatures and snowstorms, we continue to be on pace to exceed 16 million boardings, which will be a 30-year record!  Ridership on STAR buses has not slowed and we will surpass 300,000 annual boardings for the first time. 

I want to thank our riders for their patience in the face of all the snow and the brutal cold! As you saw, we barely missed a beat, with maintenance employees keeping the heat working and bus operators handling the elements and at times, some weather beaten customers. Supervisors, foreman, customer service agents and everyone else found a way to pitch in! It really does take all of us to make the company run smoothly and this winter has been a good test.

The new fare collection system will be up and running soon. The system will give customers new ways to pay fares and offer features for businesses and our corporate partners. We expect to see new fareboxes on vehicles later on in the spring and there will be plenty of opportunity for conversation and education on these exciting changes. 

We continue to promote CDTA just about everywhere. Whether it is a television commercial, new marketing materials or the redesign of our website that is underway, the goal is to spotlight what we do to make the Capital Region a better place. In case you haven’t heard, this was reinforced in a new McDonald’s television commercial, which prominently features CDTA.

We are proud that when people see the CDTA uniform they get pleasant and courteous greetings, buses and facilities that are clean and comfortable and most of all services that are timely and connect them to what matters.

Warm Regards,


Carm Basile

Chief Executive Officer