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CHIEF Executive Officer's Message

Dear Friends:

As we usher in fall, our performance measurements continue to show momentum, allowing us to position CDTA as a trusted leader in the community.


System ridership continues to be outstanding. Total ridership for the first six months of the fiscal year is close to 8.5 million, up 5% from the same period last year. Those numbers have us on pace to exceed 17 million boardings, beating our record total of 16.5 million from last year. These increases continue to be fueled by redesigned services, a growing partner base and universal access relationships.


Our New Fare Collection System (NFCS) project continues to be a top priority. Public hearings on the price points and working structure for smart card and mobile ticketing have wrapped up. Once the stakeholder feedback is compiled and analyzed, we will determine if any changes need to be made. Our Board of Directors will then approve the fare structure, which will be followed by the launch of an education campaign and then pilot testing. We expect to go live with the program in mid-late 2015.


Our vision for 40 miles of BRT is advancing with movement on the Washington/Western and River Corridors. The NYS Office of General Services has signed off on construction of a busway through the Harriman Campus that will link to the University at Albany. The busway will provide a look at true BRT service and is one of the key changes coming to the Campus. We have also advanced the Locally Preferred Alternative routing for the River Corridor (via Broadway), so the project is now eligible for federal funding. This is a key project for us and thanks to the success of the Red Line, we are getting support from elected officials, stakeholders and customers.  


We are growing stronger by the day and our results speak to the support of our communities. We ask that you take a look around at the strides we have made with our new route network, our image and the new information components that help people get where they need to go. All of this is making the system easier to understand, easier to use and more inviting to a broad customer base.




Carm Basile

Chief Executive Officer