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CDTA’s Corporate Swiper Program  is the easiest, most convenient and smartest way to travel on CDTA. Savvy area businesses choose to make CDTA’s Corporate Swiper Program part of their employee benefit package. The program provides progressive discounts for bulk purchases of Swipers - and even 10-Trip passes - starting with as few as 5 passes per month.

Employees enjoy an easier commute, the convenience of purchasing discounted monthly Swipers right where they work, and more money in their pockets. 

Participating employers know the CDTA Swiper Program is easy to administer and designed to fit each company’s needs.

Corporate Swiper benefits are immediate, easy and low-cost.  

For employees

  • Low stress, low-cost commute
  • Unlimited rides, all the time
  • More than 10% savings off regular cash fares
  • Reduced car maintenance and insurance
  • Guaranteed Ride Home in emergencies

For employers

  • Attract and keep the best worker talent
  • Expand your labor pool
  • Enhance employee productivity
  • Increase tax savings
  • Reduce parking requirements and expense
  • Position your company as an environmentally-responsible neighbor

Save 2.5% on orders of 5 to 24 cards; 5% on orders of 25 to 49; 7.5% on orders of 50 to 99; and 10% on orders of 100 to 250. Discounts on orders over 250 are negotiable.

CDTA helps employers choose the option that’s right for their business:

Employee pays through pre-tax dollars
Employers offering a “pre-tax” benefit deduct the cost of Swiper from an employee’s paycheck before taxes are applied.  The employee does not pay state or federal income tax, or payroll taxes on the benefit.

NYS Employees Program
The NYS-Ride program, administered by WageWorks, Inc., allows New York State employees to receive transit passes pre-tax through payroll deduction, a savings of up to 40%! WageWorks purchases public transportation fare media (such as bus fare cards) from transit authorities and employees choose the products they need. New York State Employees can learn more and sign up at NYS-Ride.

Share the cost
The employer pays a portion of the cost and the employee pays the remaining portion before taxes, giving both a tax savings.

Company pays
The employer pays the full cost of Swiper. The employee gets a free bus pass to commute to work and the employer deducts the amount from their taxable payroll. The cost of commuter benefits is a tax deductible business expense.

Want to know more?
Find out if your employer is already part of the program, or how to encourage your employer to join by contacting our CDTA sales representatives at (518) 437-6876. They will work with you to establish a program customized to fit your company's' needs.

CDTA’s “Try Transit”

This program offers a risk-free opportunity for employers to try our Corporate Program.  CDTA provides free passes for a limited time, coupled with technical assistance on travel training and pre-tax options. Employers who join receive long-term discounts on passes through our Corporate Program and the pre-tax option.  Participants have included health care consortiums, restaurant workers, business improvement districts and large employers. Contact CDTA for more information at (518) 437-6865.


Employee Transportation Program 

CDTA helps employers expand employee transportation options beyond driving alone – leading to cost savings and increasing sustain ability. We work with employers to design and administer an employee transportation survey and determine what transportation options will work best. CDTA can then help the employer establish the most effective strategies, which can include local transit passes such as Swiper, shuttle service, carpool matching, or vanpool formation). Contact CDTA at (518) 437-6865 for more information.