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CDTA announces Route changes


CDTA Route Changes to go into effect on Sunday, November 14, 2010


1.)    Route 11 UALBANY will have extended night service. Weekday service will extend an additional half hour to 2:00am and weekend service will be extended an additional hour to 2:30am. Service on Saturday and Sunday mornings will begin one hour later at 8:30am. 
2.)    Shuttlefly and Shuttlebug services will be folded into our family of Flexible services and changed in the following ways:
·         The Shuttle routes will be renumbered and rebranded to reflect the 600 series. Shuttle services will no longer be identified by the insect names: Fly, Bug, Bee.
·         Both shuttle services will be reconfigured to operate as fixed route service in certain areas with the most popular stops. The new schedules will include time points of locations where shuttles stop on a regular basis. Customers will no longer have to make reservations for pickups at these stops. Those stops designated as fixed route stops will no longer deviate to building entrances.
Shuttlefly will be renamed Route 610. 
·         The ShuttleBug will be divided into two routes: one identified as Route 612, operating to Central Avenue and New Karner Road and the other, identified as Route 611 to operate to 20 Mall on Western Avenue. 

3.)    Route 353 Scotia/Mt. Pleasant will no longer operate on Toll Street. The route has been rerouted to Sacandaga between Mohawk Avenue and 5th Street.

4.)    Route 90X Troy-State campus service will be eliminated due to low ridership and high cost of operations. 
CDTA Route Changes to go into effect on Wednesday, December 1, 2010
5.)    NX Northway Commuter Express will no longer operate the following trips due to low ridership and cost to operate the service. 
·         NX Run C#2 which operates from Saratoga Springs and I-87 Park and Ride lots to the University at Albany, Harriman Campus, and Stuyvesant Plaza will be eliminated. 
Transportation Alternatives:
Take NX to downtown Albany and transfer to Route #12 Washington Avenue which operates to the Harriman Campus, Route #11 to UAlbany or to Route #10 Western Avenue to Stuyvesant Plaza.
·         NX Run #6 which operates from the City of Mechanicville and Exit 9 Park & Ride lots, to the Airport Park and Wolf Rd. in Colonie will be eliminated.
6.)    A new neighborhood route will begin, called Route #432 Mechanicville/Troy, to take customers from Mechanicville to downtown Albany. Route #432 will operate past Mechanicville’s downtown and surrounding neighborhoods, continue south on NYS Routes 4 & 32 to Waterford, downtown Cohoes, passing many industrial parks, and then travel express on I-787 to downtown Troy. This new route has an opportunity to attract new riders.
Mechanicville customers may stay on the bus heading to downtown Albany without paying additional fare. Route #432 will operate one trip in the AM and one trip in the PM to accommodate an 8:00am work-start and 4:00pm work-end as with the current NX trips.
Additional Transportation Alternatives:
·         Form a “vanpool” with your fellow riders. For more information on vanpooling please visit
·         Organize carpools with fellow riders and workers at the Harriman and UAlbany campuses. For more information on how to establish a carpool please visit


For more information, contact:

Ross Farrell