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BusPlus: The Future of Transit is Coming


What is Bus Rapid Transit?

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) combines the best features of rail with the flexibility and cost advantages of bus service. With BRT, buses travel on roadways with limited stops and signal priority to transport passengers quickly and efficiently. BRT is BusPlus in the Capital Region.  BRT service, customized to the Capital Region’s specific needs, is an ideal alternative to driving because it offers a simple, streamlined approach to transit. This low-cost and time-efficient transit choice attracts more passengers and helps reduce traffic congestion.

The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) brings the first phase of Bus Rapid Transit to the busy 17 mile stretch of the Route 5 corridor between Schenectady and Albany. This new service, called BusPlus, is easy to identify—with a distinctive silver and red color scheme on buses, signs and stations. Construction of signature stations for the new BusPlus service began in 2009 in Albany, Colonie and Schenectady.

In 2011, modern bus and station technology will combine with transit signal priority at designated intersections to provide efficient limited-stop transit service to major workplaces, shopping destinations and residential areas along this heavily-traveled route. Over the next few years, when all the system elements are added, BusPlus will be the most convenient way to travel along Route 5.

BusPlus and CDTA help everyone breathe easier.

In addition to providing a quicker and a more comfortable ride for commuters, BusPlus helps to clear the air in the Capital Region by reducing drive-alone traffic. BusPlus uses hybrid electric buses for its BRT service, an additional environmental benefit. BusPlus is a new approach with clear benefits. BusPlus offers high quality, affordable, efficient transit service and brings important benefits to Capital Region riders:

  • Faster: Reducing the number of stops by 80% shortens travel time overall. Through computer technology, BusPlus buses receive priority at designated traffic signals to move through an intersection faster.
  • Frequent: BusPlus buses arrive at reliable intervals during peak commuting times.
  • Reliable: Improved reliability, especially during peak periods, minimizes passenger wait time at stops.
  • Convenient: BusPlus stations provide shelter, seating, security features, lighting and other amenities. Plus, commuters benefit from shared-use park-and-ride lots along the route. • Accessible: BusPlus vehicles are low-floor buses for easy and quick boarding.
  • Environmental: Efficient runs and hybrid technology add to the environmental benefits.
  • Efficient: A one-seat ride between Schenectady and Albany improves mobility and access for thriving communities.

BusPlus enhances the whole community. CDTA is working with the municipalities and developers along the route to increase the local economic impact of the BusPlus stations by promoting development near station locations to support and emphasizes transit use (Transit Oriented Development). In addition to offering important transit service improvements for commuters, BusPlus brings neighborhood improvements such as reconstructed roadways, new traffic signals and new pedestrian walkways.

CDTA is working for the future.

Here’s what’s coming to the Capital Region:

In 2009, CDTA begins to install BusPlus signs and stations along Route 5 where road and pedestrian improvements have been completed.

In 2010, CDTA hybrid electric buses will be branded with the BusPlus signature silver and red color-scheme.