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Customers will be able to access real time transit information for CDTA fixed route services through the free CDTA iride mobile application for Apple and Android devices, through Google Maps’ mobile apps and maps.google.com, through the trip planner on its website (www.cdta.org) or by speaking with a customer service representative at CDTA’s Call Center at 518-482-8822.


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Liberty Park Downtown / Train Station Veeder / Nott Terrace Steuben Division Woodlawn Niskayuna New Karner Station Village Center Colonie West Mall North Allen North Manning Quail / WAMC Lark Capitol / Hawk South Pearl Station Broadway / SUNY Plaza Albany Bus Terminal


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CDTA plans, finances, implements and delivers transit services that take people where they want to go in the Capital Region safely, efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

CDTA works to accomplish this mission by:


CDTA is a growing and vibrant company that seeks to continually increase ridership and the use of its facilities by providing services that people want and need.

CDTA delivers lifeline services to those who need them and provides a full range of transit options for the choice rider in the Capital Region.

CDTA plans for the mobility needs of the Capital Region with a predictable and reliable stream of funding sources to meet those needs.

CDTA is a multi-modal transportation provider, delivering comprehensive transit services, as well as a transportation demand management program that includes vanpool, carpool and incentive-based ride sharing, with a particular focus on city and suburban locations that have a demonstrated need.

CDTA is responsive to the environment and operates equipment that features the most efficient propulsion systems available. In addition, CDTA undertakes continual outreach to enroll the region’s travelers in efforts to move toward an environmentally-responsible approach to travel.

CDTA works in partnership with state, regional and local agencies to advocate for transit-oriented development in the Capital Region and is advancing infrastructure that will meet current and future mobility needs.

CDTA undertakes frequent assessments of the region and seeks community input to effectively position the organization to anticipate and meet market changes and expansions.


CDTA designs services people want and delivers services people can rely on. We treat customers, the community and each other with respect and integrity.

CDTA is a flexible and innovative mobility company that responds to changing needs to keep the Capital Region moving with the times. We seek to be proactive rather than reactive in meeting the needs of our region. Stakeholder relations and input are integral to our planning and development efforts.

CDTA operates a financially-stable organization that places importance on cost-recovery and operating efficiency in order to ensure the ability to deliver optimal service in the Capital Region.

CDTA takes a leadership role in helping to mold regional growth and advocate for mobility. CDTA works with local planning and business organizations to help shape regional growth in a way that provides congestion relief and basic access to our growing region.

CDTA meets the needs of both the transit-dependent rider and the choice rider by delivering a wide range of transportation alternatives and by working to ensure that its services are easy to identify, use and pay for.

CDTA helps employers connect their employees to the workplace, delivering commuter solutions that make daily work connections efficient, economical and reliable.

CDTA employees are the heart and soul of the organization leading innovation and productivity. We promote a positive work environment by supporting each other through effective communication, teamwork and an appreciation for our diverse abilities and contributions.

OUR Enabling Statute

CDTA’s statutory enabling language, contained in Public Authorities law Sec. 1300 et seq., can be found at: http://law.justia.com/codes/new-york/2006/public-authorities/idx_pba0a5t11-c.html