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Vignette Showcases Public Transit’s Critical Role In American Culture; Focuses on Successes and Challenges of Capital Region’s Public Transit Agency 

(Albany, NY) – The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) is featured in a nationally distributed documentary entitled “Transportation – Wheels of Commerce: Keeping America Moving”. CDTA teamed up with American Milestones to produce the documentary showcasing how public transportation remains a critical function of American culture with a focus on the growth of CDTA’s system and its innovative business model. 

The program educates viewers on the latest issues impacting society and features stories that are changing America for the better. The documentary, hosted by Joan Lunden, features CDTA employees and community partners telling their story on the benefits of public transportation. It also presents the rewards and challenges of operating a mid-sized public transit agency during uncertain economic times. 

“This documentary offers an up close view of the many ways public transportation services are integral to everyday life, while covering the successes and challenges of CDTA,” said Chairwoman Denise Figueroa. “We hope people gain a better appreciation for the benefits of public transportation and work with us to advocate for greater investments in transit.” 

The piece will play on public television in local and national markets with estimated reach of over 60 million households and will be distributed to more than 200 public television affiliates for their use as interstitial programming. 

The short form version of the documentary will be airing on networks across the country over the next few weeks and the 60-second snapshot will be used to promote the authority regionally while serving as an advocacy piece demonstrating the economic benefits of public transportation alongside CDTA’s recent innovations. 

CDTA’s “Transportation – Wheels of Commerce: Keep America Moving” documentary feature can be viewed at and across social media platforms. Any organization interested in showing the documentary as part of a presentation in support of public transit may call (518) 437-6842 to find out more.

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