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CDTA is committed to bringing the convenience of technology to both mobile applications and beyond. We are constantly developing and testing new applications and providing resources to help get the information you need the way you need it. CDTA has made resources available to software developers, to promote the use of transit.

As we make more resources available they will be announced here.

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Please read our developer license agreement before using any of the following resources. Any use of these resources acknowledges acceptance of this agreement.

Schedule and Fare Data (GTFS)

We have made all CDTA schedule and fare data available in the Google Transit Feed Specification (GTFS).

GIS Layers - (KML)

All CDTA routes are available as GIS layers (KML).

RSS Feeds

CDTA related information can be accessed via RSS feeds available on the CDTA web site. This currently includes service advisories and news, access the full listing here.


In an effort to be proactive and open up more data to developers and subsequently customers we have created some resources that are hosted at CDTA that can be used by developers or the public. These resources are in the development stages and so they limited in their support and testing, but feel free to try them out and let us know what you think.

CDTA Next Scheduled Bus

Every stop within CDTA has a unique public identifier that is located on the sign at the bus stop it was thought that it would be straight-forward for a rider to find the identifier and send a simple text message while standing at the stop to find when thier bus would arrive. For riders with web enabled devices a simple page optimized for mobile phones was created to the same thing.

Read more details of the project in the project overview and access the demo pages and actual service.