June 30, 2009

WHEN: Wednesday, July 1, 2009
TIME: 10:00-11:30AM, Award presentation at 12:00PM
WHERE: CDTA – Albany Garage, 110 Watervliet Avenue, Albany

Two CDTA maintenance teams come together to compete in a series of timed events, to include a written test, a bus inspection
and the repair of several diagnostic trouble shooting exercises with preset defects. This year’s Roadeo will feature a new multiplex
troubleshooting event in which participants will need to find and correct 6 defects in the electrical portion of buses. A panel of judges, comprised of maintenance vendor representatives, will complete the team’s final score.

The CDTA Bus Maintenance Roadeo is designed to encourage excellence and professionalism in bus transit operations and test
skills they have acquired through Project Empire training programs.

The CDTA team with the highest combined scores will go on to compete in the NYPTA (New York Public Transportation Association) Maintenance Roadeo held in Albany this Fall.

GREAT PHOTO AND VIDEO OPPORTUNITY! Visuals include technicians working on extracted bus engines to conduct diagnostic trouble shooting exercises.