June 18, 2009

31 Day Rolling Pass offers value and flexibility (Albany, NY) – The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) has introduced its newest prepaid fare product, the 31 Day Rolling Swiper. The 31-day Rolling Swiper is a discounted monthly fare card offering great value, while providing customers with the flexibility to purchase and start using the pass at any time they choose.

The pass is activated the first time it is inserted into the fare box and is valid for 31 consecutive days from the activation date. After initial activation, customers will Swipe the pass in the farebox for repeated validation. The fare box stamps the validation and expiration dates on the back of the card. Because there is no expiration date until the card is activated, customers can purchase the 31 Day Rolling pass at any time, buy more than one and decide when to use them, providing great value and convenience.

The 31 Day Rolling Card, priced at $65.00 each, is available for purchase online at , through the CDTA Corporate Swiper program, and will gradually become available at select CDTA sales sites. CDTA offers retail and corporate discounts for the 31 Day Rolling pass as well. The card provides businesses and sales sites with reduced administration since cards do not expire like CDTA’s monthly Swiper passes do.

CDTA customers are moving more toward the purchase of pre-paid fare products, preferring their value and convenience. Prepaid passes account for over 50% of all CDTA ridership.

For more information regarding the new 31 Day Rolling pass or CDTA’s family of fare products, contact CDTA’s Sales Department at (518) 437-6876 or visit CDTA’s online Trip Planner at helps customers to determine their best route.