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Developer Tools
CDTA is committed to bringing the convenience of technology to everyday life through mobile applications, real-time information and beyond. We are constantly developing and testing new applications and providing resources to help get the information you need, the way you need it. We allow quick access to time and money saving tools CDTA has incorporated into its planning, scheduling and marketing.
CDTA Application Center – This area focuses on mobile applications that make taking public transportation easy but getting around the Capital Region a snap.
There is the CDTA iride application which makes getting around on CDTA buses a breeze. CDTA iRide plans your trip, calculates fares, finds nearby stops, and shows scheduled arrivals. Never worry about what bus to take when you need to get around! CDTA iRide features:  trip planner, scheduled arrival data, system advisories, system and area maps, location of nearest bus stops, search for bus stops, browsing stops by route, useful phone numbers and links.
We have included no fewer than six FREE transit-oriented applications that provide traffic updates, text-based departure and arrival information, walkability for points of interest by distance and google map features.
google Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)
CDTA provides official schedules, fares and other data in the Google Transit Feed Specification (GTFS). You can always download the current feed directly from our site or we have also posted our data on the GTFS Data Exchange.
The feed is usually updated 4 times a year, but to ensure you application stays up to date you can subscribe to the developer rss feed. We also maintain an extended feed that is used by our "CDTA iRide" iPhone application.
To see other applications that are using CDTA's data check our Application Center or open transit data advocacy site City-Go-Round.
rss feeds
Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is our choice to keep people up to date with the latest information about CDTA. Currently we have RSS feeds for news, service advisories and developer updates. Follow the instructions for your particular RSS reader to add the following feeds: Service Advisories, News, Employment Opportunities, Developer Updates