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10Western Ave

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Showing: (West) Downtown Albany to Crossgates Mall via Western Ave or show (East)
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Broadway & Orange St (09018)
N. Pearl St & Sheridan Ave (03233)
N. Pearl St & Ten Eyck Plaza (03221)
State St & Lodge St - S. Pearl Station (02665)
State St & Eagle St (10087)
Washington Ave & Hawk St - Capitol/Hawk Station (03250)
Washington Ave & S. Swan St (03301)
Washington Ave & Dove St (03241)
Washington Ave & Lark St (Armory) - Lark Station (03239)
Central Ave & Henry Johnson Blvd (03455)
Lexington Ave & Washington Ave (02169)
Robin St & Western Ave (03313)
Western Ave & Thurlow Terr (00285)
Western Ave & N. Lake Ave (00286)
Western Ave & Quail St (00283)
Western Ave & Ontario St (00883)
Western Ave & Partridge St (00884)
Western Ave & N. Main Ave (00887)
Western Ave & W. Lawrence St (02112)
Western Ave & N. Allen St (00889)
Western Ave & N. Pine Ave (00277)
Western Ave & Manning Blvd (00278)
Western Ave & Homestead Ave (00335)
Western Ave & Belvedere Ave (00281)
Western Ave & Eileen St (00289)
Western Ave & Rosemont St (00291)
Western Ave & Brevator St (00865)
Western Ave & Daytona Ave (10221)
Western Ave & Campus Access Road (00866)
Western Ave & Russell Rd (00870)
Western Ave & Claredon Rd (00871)
Western Ave & Tudor Rd (00873)
Western Ave & University Pl (00413)
Western Ave & Homestead Ave (00874)
1224 Western Ave (Best Western) (10616)
Western Ave & Knowles Terr (00305)
Western Ave & Norwood St (10193)
Western Ave & Parkwood St (00308)
2 Executive Park Dr (12021)
Executive Park Dr & Tower Pl (12022)
Stuyvesant Plaza (US Post Office) (10623)
Western Ave & Chapman Dr (00374)
Western Ave & Alton Rd (00376)
Western Ave & Lawton Terr (10602)
Western Ave & Johnston Rd (00378)
Crossgates Mid-Mall (07175)

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Broadway & Orange StN. Pearl St & Ten Eyck PlazaWashington Ave & Lark St (Armory) - Lark StationWestern Ave & N. Allen StExecutive Park Dr & Tower PlStuyvesant Plaza (US Post Office)Crossgates Mid-Mall
5:40 am5:44 am5:50 am6:00 am6:11 am6:12 am6:18 am
6:00 am6:04 am6:10 am6:20 am6:31 am6:32 am6:38 am
6:20 am6:24 am6:30 am6:40 am6:51 am6:52 am6:58 am
6:45 am6:49 am6:55 am7:05 am7:16 am7:17 am7:23 am
7:05 am7:10 am7:18 am7:30 am7:42 am7:43 am7:50 am
7:20 am7:25 am7:33 am7:45 am7:57 am7:58 am8:05 am
7:35 am7:40 am7:48 am8:00 am8:12 am8:13 am8:20 am
7:50 am7:55 am8:03 am8:15 am8:27 am8:28 am8:35 am
8:05 am8:10 am8:18 am8:30 am8:42 am8:43 am8:50 am
8:20 am8:25 am8:33 am8:45 am8:57 am8:58 am9:05 am
8:35 am8:40 am8:48 am9:00 am9:12 am9:13 am9:20 am
8:55 am9:00 am9:08 am9:20 am9:32 am9:33 am9:40 am
9:20 am9:25 am9:33 am9:45 am9:57 am9:58 am10:05 am
9:40 am9:45 am9:53 am10:05 am10:17 am10:18 am10:25 am
10:00 am10:05 am10:13 am10:25 am10:37 am10:38 am10:45 am
10:20 am10:25 am10:33 am10:45 am10:57 am10:58 am11:05 am
10:40 am10:45 am10:53 am11:05 am11:17 am11:18 am11:25 am
11:00 am11:05 am11:13 am11:25 am11:37 am11:38 am11:45 am
11:20 am11:25 am11:33 am11:45 am11:57 am11:58 am12:05 pm
11:40 am11:45 am11:53 am12:05 pm12:17 pm12:18 pm12:25 pm
12:00 pm12:05 pm12:13 pm12:25 pm12:37 pm12:38 pm12:45 pm
12:20 pm12:25 pm12:33 pm12:45 pm12:57 pm12:58 pm1:05 pm
12:40 pm12:45 pm12:53 pm1:05 pm1:17 pm1:18 pm1:25 pm
1:00 pm1:05 pm1:13 pm1:25 pm1:37 pm1:38 pm1:45 pm
1:20 pm1:25 pm1:33 pm1:45 pm1:57 pm1:58 pm2:05 pm
1:35 pm1:40 pm1:48 pm2:00 pm2:12 pm2:13 pm2:20 pm
1:50 pm1:55 pm2:03 pm2:15 pm2:27 pm2:28 pm2:35 pm
2:05 pm2:10 pm2:18 pm2:30 pm2:42 pm2:43 pm2:50 pm
2:20 pm2:25 pm2:33 pm2:45 pm2:57 pm2:58 pm3:05 pm
2:35 pm2:40 pm2:48 pm3:00 pm3:12 pm3:13 pm3:20 pm
2:50 pm2:55 pm3:03 pm3:15 pm3:27 pm3:28 pm3:35 pm
3:05 pm3:10 pm3:18 pm3:30 pm3:42 pm3:43 pm3:50 pm
3:20 pm3:25 pm3:33 pm3:45 pm3:57 pm3:58 pm4:05 pm
3:35 pm3:40 pm3:48 pm4:00 pm4:12 pm4:13 pm4:20 pm
3:50 pm3:55 pm4:03 pm4:15 pm4:27 pm4:28 pm4:35 pm
4:05 pm4:10 pm4:18 pm4:30 pm4:42 pm4:43 pm4:50 pm
4:20 pm4:25 pm4:33 pm4:45 pm4:57 pm4:58 pm5:05 pm
4:35 pm4:40 pm4:48 pm5:00 pm5:12 pm5:13 pm5:20 pm
4:50 pm4:55 pm5:03 pm5:15 pm5:27 pm5:28 pm5:35 pm
5:05 pm5:10 pm5:18 pm5:30 pm5:42 pm5:43 pm5:50 pm
5:20 pm5:25 pm5:33 pm5:45 pm5:57 pm5:58 pm6:05 pm
5:35 pm5:40 pm5:48 pm6:00 pm6:12 pm6:13 pm6:20 pm
5:50 pm5:55 pm6:03 pm6:15 pm6:27 pm6:28 pm6:35 pm
6:05 pm6:10 pm6:16 pm6:27 pm6:37 pm6:38 pm6:45 pm
6:25 pm6:30 pm6:36 pm6:47 pm6:57 pm6:58 pm7:05 pm
6:45 pm6:50 pm6:56 pm7:07 pm7:17 pm7:18 pm7:25 pm
7:15 pm7:20 pm7:26 pm7:37 pm7:47 pm7:48 pm7:55 pm
7:45 pm7:50 pm7:56 pm8:07 pm8:17 pm8:18 pm8:25 pm
8:15 pm8:20 pm8:26 pm8:37 pm8:47 pm8:48 pm8:55 pm
8:45 pm8:50 pm8:56 pm9:07 pm9:17 pm9:18 pm9:25 pm
9:15 pm9:20 pm9:26 pm9:37 pm9:47 pm9:48 pm9:55 pm
9:45 pm9:50 pm9:56 pm10:07 pm10:17 pm10:18 pm10:25 pm
10:15 pm10:20 pm10:26 pm10:37 pm10:47 pm10:48 pm10:55 pm
11:15 pm11:20 pm11:26 pm11:37 pm11:47 pm11:48 pm11:55 pm

Times are approximate and depend upon traffic and weather conditions. Arrive at the bus stop 2-3 minutes early to avoid missing the bus. Please note that certain schedules vary according to the day of week or route direction. Saturday and Sunday routes and times may also vary. Please feel free to download the most recent schedule for your convenience.



Leave Orange Street Staging Area via right on Broadway, to a left on Clinton Avenue, to a left North Pearl Street, to a right on State Street, to a right on Eagle Street, to a left on Washington Avenue, bear right into Central Avenue, to a left on Lexington Avenue, to a right on Washington Avenue, to a left on Robin Street, to a right on Western Avenue, to a right on Fuller Road, to a left on Executive Park Drive, to a left at the stop sign, to a left into Stuyvesant Plaza to the stop at the Post Office. Leave Stuyvesant Plaza, and turn right at T.G.I.F., to a right on Western Avenue, to a right on Crossgates Mall Road, to a right on the outer perimeter road, to a left into the Mid Mall Shelter.


Leave the Mid Mall stop via left at the stop sign. Continue along the front of the building to a left on the ramp leading to the outer perimeter road. Turn right on the outer perimeter road, to a left on Crossgates Mall Road, to a left on Western Avenue, to a left on Fuller Road, to a left on Executive Park Drive, to a left at the stop sign, to a left into Stuyvesant Plaza to the stop at the Post Office. Exit Stuyvesant Plaza via right Fuller Road, to a left on Western Avenue, into Washington Avenue, to a right on Eagle Street, to a left on State Street, to a left on Broadway, to a right Orange Street, to a left into the staging area.