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CDTA Travel Training

Travel Trainers

Travel Trainers help people to become successful transit users by providing information and support in a one-on-one instructor assistance. Travel Trainers will work directly with customers on their initial bus trip (to identify specific routes) through appointment.

Travel trainers help customers:

  • Plan their trip
  • Read and understand route maps and schedules
  • Get on and off the bus properly
  • Pay the fare and purchase passes
  • Transfer to other buses
  • Ride specific routes
  • Travel independently and confidently to appointments, work or play when riding the bus

People who wish to schedule an appointment with a Travel Trainer to help plan their trip can call the Customer Service Center at (518) 482-8822. The customer should share with them where they wish to go and when. There is a CDTA Travel Trainer for every county we serve: Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer and Saratoga. Someone from the appropriate county will call back to schedule an appointment.

CDTA Travel Trainers and County Disability Navigators are stationed at County One-Stop Job Centers to assist customers through the process.

Click here to view the Travel Training brochure

One Stop Locations and Travel Trainers

Schenectady & Rensselaer County

Barbara Artis
Office: (518) 344-2757
Cell: (518) 337-9682


Albany & Saratoga County


Onicela Cedeno
Office: (518) 437-5296
Cell: (518) 337-9683