Happy 50th Anniversary CDTA!

A message from our CEO:

“I’m so proud to celebrate 50 years of CDTA. It is amazing to see the impact CDTA has had on the Capital Region and the relationships we have been able to foster in the community. “Innovation Beyond Transportation” is more than just a tagline, it is a motto that we live by at CDTA. I am beyond appreciative to those that have helped us get to this point and am excited to see what the next 50 years will bring.”

Carm Basile

Chief Executive Officer

Our People

The foundation of our company is the people who work here. We are proud of our program of wages, benefits and training opportunities. Our workplace is modern, efficient and innovative. Employees are equipped with the tools for success and they can advance through a career ladder program for promotion and recognition. We encourage creative thinking, innovation and development of thoughtful and practical business practices. We are one of the region’s top employers and are sought after for our work in this area.

We operate peer-to-peer recognition programs that highlight the efforts of our employees, we hold an annual dinner to recognize excellence in safety, attendance and customer service along with spotlighting long-tenured employees at Board meetings. Our annual bus roadeo for operators and technicians gives employees the chance to showcase their skills and the collective efforts of our workforce. We participate in state and national trade association conferences, and our staff serves in leadership roles on industry committees and task forces.

Operator with Mask On


Bus Mask Cleaner

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CDTA employees enjoy an array of programs that improve communication, provide training, and recognize outstanding effort. This includes an online learning system with courses accessible from work or home, a web portal, along with a self-service database that provides operating statistics and a menu of employee information. We rely on our employees and believe in recognizing outstanding performance.

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Attendance is critical in the transit industry as it is a principal factor in the delivery of quality service. We have addressed this issue with an attendance bonus and advanced wage progression schedule. Coming to work on time and doing the best job possible are at the core of our expectations. We are extremely proud of the work of our employees in this area.

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CDTA offers employees quarterly attendance bonuses, which has led to dramatic improvement in attendance, reducing absenteeism to less than 10%. Our transportation and maintenance personnel use advanced wage progression schedules to expedite payroll milestones based on excellence in attendance, safety and customer service. This allows employees to get to top pay rates in just 18 months; nearly 100 employees achieved this milestone last year.

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CDTA is continuously hiring to meet increased service demands and is focused on full representation of demographics in our workforce. In our service area, 11% of the population is minority and 51% are women. Our EEO program has shown sustained increases in female representation to more than 22%, while 45% of our employees are minorities. Five years ago, CDTA had no women in our maintenance department and now we have five on the team.

Bus Roadeo


Connecting Communities to Opportunities

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The Capital District Transportation Authority continues its strong performance, connecting people to economic and educational opportunities throughout the Capital Region.

CDTA is often an important stop for those interested in pursuing higher education. CDTA partners with area colleges and universities to provide students, faculty and staff with comprehensive transportation services that are available.

On the heels of these accomplishments, we are looking forward to a busy and successful future, as CDTA continues to be involved in projects and initiatives that deepen our role as the region’s mobility manager.