CDTA iRide Application

Welcome to CDTA iRide: the official iPhone application of the Capital District Transit Authority. CDTA iRide was designed to help provide our riders with a faster, more enjoyable public transit experience.applicationicon

CDTA iRide is freely available to any rider with an iPhone or iPod Touch device the iPhone App Store.

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Please remember that CDTA iRide was created to enhance your public transit experience. You can view the user guide here that should help you navigate the application. If you have any questions or comments about the application, we would love to hear your feedback at

For Developers

The application was developed by the great team over at Pandav, Inc also the developers of iBart Live. For the CDTA application several extensions where added to our regular GTFS feed. You can download the extended version here. The extensions include:

Landmarks: defines landmarks and landmark groupings so that stops could be located via local landmarks.

  • landmark_types.txt: Defines groups of landmarks by type
  • landmarks.txt: Defines landmarks based on type, location and preferred stop

Stop Extenstions: defines amenities and properties of stops

  • stop_extenstions.txt: Defines certain amenitites and properties of stops

Route Stops: Defines routes and all possible stops in order. Many of our routes have a base route and then variants based on the time of the day. This file was created to ensure that all stops for a given route could be browsed in order without having to calculate all trips.

  • route_stops.txt: Defines routes and all possible stops in order