Message From the Chief Executive Officer

Carm Basile


As we get ready to welcome a new season, our sights are focused on exciting projects and celebrating our 50th anniversary this year.  Providing more travel options for customers and being a bigger part of the Capital Region go hand-in-hand for CDTA.

We introduced our newest service, FLEX to the Capital Region earlier this year. FLEX allows people to download an app and ride within a designated zone, much like rideshare. FLEX is operating in the Colonie and Guilderland area and is free for customers to use during the pilot program. We are working with our partners in southern Saratoga County to introduce our second pilot in that area.

Our Electric buses are out on the roads. We introduced them to our fleet in early February. Electric bus technology is at the forefront of consideration for transit agencies across the country. This will expand our mobility menu; giving customers and our community more options to navigate the Capital Region. 

Work on our second BRT line is underway. Part of the project includes expansion of our Troy garage, which is needed to house vehicles for the River Corridor BRT.  The Troy garage opened in 1980 and has had only minor incremental improvements. The renovation will upgrade work flow and efficiency, especially in the maintenance area.

We are inching closer to the start of the next season of CDPHP Cycle!. We finished season three strong with record-breaking ridership. Contributing to significant ridership gains was the introduction of CDPHP Cycle! Access agreements with many colleges and businesses across the Capital Region. RPI and UAlbany added CDPHP Cycle! Access to their campus communities in 2019 which contributed to strong ridership.

As we reflect on 2019, and the good things that have happened, I am grateful for our customers, our partners, and our employees who work 365 days a year to keep our wheels in motion. A vibrant transit system is an integral part of a prosperous area and we have positioned CDTA to be a showpiece for the region. We are excited to see what the next 50 years will bring!



Carm Basile

Chief Executive Officer