The Capital Region has rediscovered transit. Ridership is at its highest level in decades. Without adequate investment in public transit, CDTA cannot continue to meet the increased demand for its services. Everyone can participate in the legislative process to encourage more investment in public transit. Together, we can make sure CDTA is able to provide the services the Capital Region needs and deserves. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Write to your local legislators explaining why CDTA services are important to you and why additional funding is needed to maintain service and improvement projects. A sample letter is available here:

To find your local New York State Assembly member, type in your zip code here

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To find your local New York State Senator member, type in your address and zip code here

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  • Contact the local media. Write letters to the editor and share positive stories about how public transportation benefits you or someone you know in our community.
  • Take public transportation, even if it is just occasionally, to save money and the environment.
  • Implement a transit benefit program where you work. CDTA’s Corporate Swiper program is a great recruitment tool that saves money for employees and employers by providing fare discounts and tax deductions.
  • Encourage developers to include transit infrastructure in their plans and business owners to locate in areas where transit services already exist. It is too costly to provide transportation services to suburban and rural areas where there is limited use. Business that locate in areas not served by transit automatically restrict their employee pool.
  • Join the CDTA green collar workforce and feel good about contributing to a cleaner environment. Good people are needed to keep our services running. Consider becoming a bus operator or mechanic or refer someone you know. CDTA values diversity, offers training, professional growth opportunities and liberal benefits.