A Community's Vision

CDTA’s vision mirrors the vision of the people it serves. Service improvement decisions are based on the input and desires of its customers and stakeholders that offer the best potential for ridership growth. Public transportation has always been a stimulus for economic growth and a solution for social issues, providing connections to jobs and helping people to remain independent. CDTA transportation will become even more relevant in the 21st century as we grapple with the impact of growing traffic, congestion, energy dependence and air quality issues. Because of these issues and significant commuter savings, more people are choosing to ride.


Current vision

An Investment in a Better Tomorrow

Maintaining stable long term funding ensures the viability of CDTA and improves the quality of life in our region.  CDTA currently has an 86.1 million dollar annual budget, nearly 700 employees and operates more than 300 vehicles to serve 60,000 customers daily on 50 + routes throughout the Capital Region.   

CDTA has experienced record high ridership increases prompted by high gas prices, a new marketing branding campaign and implementation of a fare simplification program to make riding easier.  Because of the present impact from the global economic recession, gas prices, rise of unemployment, and reduced state and federal funding, this trend has turned around.  CDTA, among its other transit counterparts nationally, is currently presented with serious challenges in its attempt to maintain operations, let alone implement necessary service improvements.  Despite this challenge, CDTA is continually to moves ahead to help prepare for a better future. 


Future vision

CDTA is responsible for developing a stronger transportation network that serves the greater good of the community and attracts more riders. This ongoing effort requires comprehensive analysis and planning to shape service that both accommodates our existing regional landscape and works to improve that landscape, by encouraging more equitable and environmentally responsible development. To ensure success in this endeavor, innovative solutions and greater investment in transportation improvements and operations is necessary, along with grassroots support by CDTA customers and partners. CDTA has several shovel-ready projects that will achieve these goals, but requires appropriate funding to execute them.