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FOIL List of Documents

Accounting documents and reports
Annual reports
Audit documents
Benefit information
Board of Directors information
Board of Directors meetings – minutes, resolutions
Budget information and reports
Capital Plan
Certificates of Incorporation
Collective Bargaining Agreements
Contracts and MOUs
Commission on Public Integrity/Public Ethics
Committee meetings – agendas and minutes
Customer service information
DBE and MWBE program
Environmental records
Facilities plans and records
Fare structure and records
Federal Transit Administration records
Financial records and reports
Five Year plan
Fleet Maintenance information
Human Resources records
Inventory records
Investment policy
Investment reports and records
Labor matters
Land use studies
Liability claim records
Marketing programs and documents
No-Fault records
NYS Retirement Plan information
Organizational policies and procedures
Paratransit service information and records
Personnel documents
Personnel policies
Procurement/purchasing policies, documents and records
Project studies and reports
Project management records
Property damage records
Public Participation plan
Real Estate records
Safety records
Sales records
Security policies and records
Scheduling information
Service and Route Performance information
Strategic Development documents
Subrogation recovery records
Timekeeping records
Transit Development Plan
Travel Demand Management information
Title VI plan and records
Training materials
Travel records
Workers Compensation records