Guaranteed Ride Home


The Guaranteed Ride Home Program is just one of the benefits of using the CDTA Navigator Card, our lower cost bus pass. If you end up working late beyond your regular shift or have a midday emergency at work or school, the CDTA Navigator Card, will get you home –free of charge. Some restrictions apply (see below).

Here's How It Works!

With a valid  Navigator Card you can arrange a Guaranteed Ride Home simply by calling our hotline at (518) 482-8822, anytime.

We'll take the necessary information and arrange for your transportation by taxi. When the taxi arrives, just present the driver with your Navigator Card and identification.

Guaranteed Ride Home Checklist

When you call to arrange for a Guaranteed Ride Home, please be ready to supply the following information:

  • Your Navigator account information (including your name, email or home address). In order to qualify for a Guaranteed Ride Home ride, your Navigator card or mobile ticket need to be registered to your Navigator account and have a valid Frequent Rider pass.  
  • Detailed information on your pick-up and drop-off locations. (Please be as specific as possible about the door, exit or side of the building at which you would like to be picked up.)
  • The time at which you want to be picked up.
  • Any special circumstances or needs – make sure to inform the call taker if you will need an accessible taxi.
  • A number where you can be reached so that we can confirm your Guaranteed Ride Home.


  • Guaranteed Rides must originate at your work or school location. Rides to your home address or the park-and-ride lot where you parked in the morning will be approved, and intermediary stops to daycare centers, schools or medical facilities will also be allowed.
  • A mid-day emergency is an unplanned circumstance which causes you to be unable to get home in the usual manner, for example, personal or family illness, having to work late unexpectedly after buses have stopped running, or having been stranded by the bus or carpool partners.
  • Customers will be limited to either $300 worth of rides, or six per calendar year, whichever comes first, and no more than two rides per month.
  • Taxi service must be arranged by calling the Guaranteed Ride Home hotline. Customers cannot arrange their own transportation directly with a taxi or other vendor.
  • The service is available only to those with a Navigator account. The Navigator card or mobile ticket need to be registered to this Navigator account and have a valid Frequent Rider pass. Additional riders must pay for their own cab fare.
  • The taxi service is non-exclusive (other customers may board during your trip).
  • Customers will forfeit their right to Guaranteed Ride Home privileges if a) they attempt to use the service without a valid Navigator card or b they do not use the service after it has been arranged.

For more information call (518) 482-8822.

CDTA Customer Information, 85 Watervliet Avenue, Albany, NY 12206


Last Updated: 01/08/2018