CDTA Ends the Year with Ridership Surge

CDTA Ends the Year with Ridership Surge

December 21, 2023

Bus Rapid Transit and Universal Access Partners are Creating Surge in Ridership

ALBANY, NY (December 21, 2023) The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) announced at its monthly board meeting on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, that through November, there have been more than 10 million boardings throughout the CDTA system. At this pace, CDTA is on track to finish the fiscal year in March with close to 16 million customer boardings. That is more boardings than before the pandemic began and is one of our highest annual ridership counts in the last 15 years. Nationally, ridership recovery is hovering around 80% of pre-pandemic levels.

“Our commitment to providing a menu of valuable mobility options is stronger than ever,” said Chairman of the Board Jayme Lahut. “CDTA has added service that provides customers with service options and better connections. We’re proud to form new relationships with businesses and community organizations that are growing our Universal Access program. The UA program is a strategic business pillar that drives our success. The board would also like to acknowledge the 750 CDTA employees who are crucial in delivering outstanding services and programs that are behind this ridership surge.”

This recovery is fueled by many factors, including an expanded Bus Rapid Transit network and a popular Universal Access program, which continues to grow. The BRT Red Line, which has been in operation for 12 years, has seen more than 30 million boardings over that time. The BRT Purple Line was launched last month, and it complements the Red and Blue Lines, completing a 40-mile network of premium service that connect people and the region.  

CDTA recently added St. Peter’s Health Partners, one of the area’s largest employers, to its Universal Access program. CDTA has continued to add Universal Access partners, which provide employees and students throughout the region more service and better connections. At the present time, more than 40 partners are members of the Universal Access program, which gives employees and students a convenient and economically friendly way to travel for work and pleasure. Universal Access, new services and more mobility options provide value to customers and partners – this value is a leading indicator that drives CDTA ridership.