River Corridor BRT Service to Roll Out Sunday, November 8

blue line

October 19, 2020

New Service Connects Hudson River Communities with Limited Stop Schedule, Better Amenities  

ALBANY, NY (October 19, 2020) CDTA will launch its second Bus Rapid Transit along the River Corridor on Sunday, November 8. The service which is known as the “Blue Line” will connect communities along the Hudson River with limited stop service that looks and feels like rail service on wheels. It is the second leg of CDTA’s three-line BRT network.

The Blue Line will offer free rides during the month of November so customers can get acclimated to the route network changes and benefits of the new service. Blue Line customers will enjoy fewer stops, faster service and more connections while travelling the 16-mile route between Waterford, Cohoes, Lansingburgh, Troy, Watervliet, Menands and Albany.

In addition to the enhanced service, CDTA has made significant infrastructure improvements along the corridor to benefit transit customers, pedestrians, and motorists. This includes new stations with the newest technology, miles of new sidewalks with heated sections near waiting areas, new crosswalks and upgraded signal systems. CDTA also refurbished its Troy facility to house and service the new buses that will run along the River Corridor. 

The new line is color coded in silver and blue, making the corridor and the service very distinctive. New buses will travel along the corridor and they will be coordinated with our local services. Customers can review the Blue Line details and other route changes along the corridor at www.cdta.org/brt, by calling CDTA’s Customer Service Center at (518) 482-8822 or join the conversation on social media via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

CDTA will hold a Virtual Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, October 27 beginning at 5:30pm. There will be a Title VI meeting held following the Town Hall. Information on how to access both meetings will be posted to our website www.cdta.org and on our social media channels.

A news conference to officially roll out River Corridor BRT is scheduled for early November.

BLUE LINE rolls out Sunday, NOVEMBER 8, 2020

New BusPlus Blue Line (#922/#923) Will Serve Albany, Cohoes, Troy, Waterford & Watervliet

Route #’s 922/923 (BusPlus Blue Line) The new Bus Rapid Transit Blue Line Service will operate along a 15-mile route between Albany, Menands, Watervliet, Troy, Cohoes, and Waterford. Combined weekday frequencies range from 10-12 minutes and 15-30 during evenings and weekends.

Blue Line Routing specifics:

  • Route #922 will operate between Second Avenue in Albany and Van Shaick Island/Downtown Cohoes via Ontario and Remsen Streets.   
  • Route #923 will continue between South Pearl Street in Albany, northern Lansingburgh and Waterford via 2nd Avenue and Broad Street. 
  • Both routes converge between South Pearl Street & Second Avenue in Albany and running to 2nd Avenue & 111th Street in Troy. 

Route #85Route #85 will replace Route #80 for service on 5th Avenue north of downtown Troy to Corliss Park and Diamond Hill. The route will operate seven days a week with frequencies ranging from 20 minutes during the weekday and 30-45 minutes during evenings and weekends. Routes #922 and #923 will replace service on River Street and 2nd Avenue between downtown Troy and Waterford. 

Please note:

  • Customers at Corliss Park and Diamond Hill can use Route #85 or walk to #923 (Blue Line).
  • Customers North of 111th Street should use #923 (Blue Line) on 2nd Avenue and Route #85 on 5th Avenue for local service needs.
  • Customers South of 111th Street to downtown Troy can use either Route #922 or #923 (Blue Line) on 2nd Avenue and Route #85 on 5th/6th Avenues for local service.

Route #522Updated routing will provide direct service from Cohoes to Albany along I-787. The Route will no longer serve Troy or Watervliet. This route operates Monday through Friday with a 60-minute frequency to downtown Albany between 6am–9am and from downtown Albany between 3pm–6pm.

Please Note:

  • Customers in Cohoes can use Route #522 to downtown Albany and Route #922 (Blue Line)
  • Customers in Troy & Watervliet can use either Route #’s 922 & 923 (Blue Line) for connections to Downtown Albany

Route #106This new route will combine Route #’s 6 and 138. The new route will operate seven days a week with frequencies ranging from 25-30 minutes during the weekday and 45-60 minutes during evenings and weekends. 

Please Note:

  • Customers on South Pearl Street can use Route #’s 922 & 923 (Blue Line), Route #106, and Route #107
  • Customers on Second Avenue can use Route #106 and Route #922 (Blue Line)
  • Customers on Whitehall Road should use Route #106
  • Customers at St. Peter’s Hospital should use Route #106 or transfer to Route #13

Route #107 Route has been modified to provide neighborhood level service seven days a week with frequencies ranging from 35-60 minutes. 

Please note:

  • Customers on Mt Hope Drive should use Route #107
  • Customers at Ezra Prentice Homes and Nut Grove Apartments should use Route #107 or Route #923 (Blue Line)
  • Customers on South Pearl Street north of 1st Avenue should use Route #107 or either Route #’s 922 & 923 (Blue Line)
  • No service south of Old South Pearl

Route #22Route schedule will see minor adjustments while continuing to operate seven days a week with frequencies ranging from 12-15 minutes during weekday and 20-45 during evenings

Route #1 – Route frequencies will be reduced to every 10 minutes between 11am and 5pm, seven days a week.

Route #12 – Weekday frequency will increase to every 10 minutes between 2pm and 7pm on weekdays.

Route #87 – Route will remain along Hoosick Road between Lake Avenue and Wal-Mart. Route will no longer enter Market32 parking lot but will still serve the Walmart plaza directly.

Route #182 – Early AM trips on Saturday have been shifted 4-6 minutes earlier. Please check your trip time.

Routes #813, #815, #821, & #830 – Shopping buses in Albany, Rensselaer, and Schenectady counties will resume service. Please check schedules for timetables.