CDTA to Make Several Minor Service Changes

January 22, 2021
Service Changes Begin January 31

Changes Effective Sunday, January 31, 2021 


ALBANY, NY (January 22, 2021) - CDTA will make a series of minor changes to adjust service to demand. All changes will be effective on Sunday, January 31.

“We constantly evaluate our route network to make sure it is efficient and responsive to the needs of the region.” said CDTA CEO Carm Basile. “This has been made more difficult as we navigate through the COVID pandemic. As ridership changes, we have adapted to a changing landscape, providing critical connections to essential services, business and employment.”

The changes are focused on several CDTA trunk services with frequency adjustments being the main theme.

  • Route #12 – trips and frequencies will be adjusted throughout the day parts. 
  • Route #100 – frequencies on weekdays will be reduced to every 20 minutes between 9:00am – 2:00pm, and every 35 minutes after 9:30pm. Some weekend frequencies will also be modified.
  • Route #106 – service will begin at 5:50am (counterclockwise trips).

  • Route #353
    • Frequencies on weekdays will be reduced to every 20 minutes between 9:00am – 7:30pm and every 25 minutes between 7:30pm – 9:00pm
    • Frequencies on Saturday and Sunday will be modified throughout day.
  • Route #905
    • Frequencies of weekdays will be reduced to 8-10 minutes between 12:30pm – 7:30pm and to 15-20 minutes between 7:30pm – 11:00pm.
    • Frequencies on Saturday and Sundays will be adjusted throughout the day parts.

Route and Stop Changes

Route 12 Washington Avenue buses will operate from Washington Avenue to North Lake Avenue to Western Avenue; this will result in the elimination and consolidate bus stops in the area. The following stops will be eliminated:

  • Western & Lake westbound – Stop #00286
  • Washington & Lake westbound – Stop #01837
  • Washington & Robin westbound – Stop #01843
  • Washington & Robin eastbound (adjacent to parking lot) – Stop #03254
  • Washington & Lexington westbound – Stop #12943
  • Washington & Lexington eastbound – Stop #02096

Route 353 Scotia/Mt. Pleasant - southbound trips will be rerouted from the Veeder/Nott Terrace station to the shelter at 604 State Street. Northbound routing will remain the same.



About CDTA

CDTA is the premier mobility provider in the Capital Region, providing local, express, commuter, microtransit and bus rapid transit services across its four-county, 2300 square-mile service area. CDTA also operates the regional bike-share program, CDPHP Cycle! CDTA owns and operates the Rensselaer Rail and Saratoga Springs Train Stations. CDTA was named the 2017 Best Mid-Sized Transportation System in North America by the American Public Transportation Association.


January 31, 2021 SERVICE CHANGES



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