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Investment in Transit Means an Investment in the Economy

January 31, 2018
Bus downtown capitol

Advocacy Efforts in Full Swing Ahead of State Budget

ALBANY, NY (January 31, 2018) The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA), along with the New York State Public Transportation Association (NYPTA), are advocating for a stable and predictable funding stream over a multi-year period for upstate transit properties and downstate suburban systems to meet the growing demand of transit across New York State.

“Transit is the lifeblood of economic development in New York. It provides the access and connections that make New York move and the economy flourish,” said David M. Stackrow, CDTA Board Chairman and APTA Board of Directors Vice-Chair. “Across the state, the public is demanding better connections and more travel options to work, education, shopping, healthcare and recreation. Changes in ridership are placing new demands on transit, to access new job locations, address changing travel patterns, and meet travel needs in urban and rural areas.”

Like transit systems throughout New York, CDTA relies on State Transit Operating Assistance (STOA) to provide top-notch service to the community. The Governor’s Executive Budget calls for a 1% increase in STOA for the coming year. Being mindful of the State’s overall fiscal condition, and appreciative of the Governor’s additional funding, this will not meet the demands from our customers for more service options and increased frequencies. CDTA and NYPTA are advocating for a 10% increase in STOA funding in each of the next three years. This would meet the needs of upstate transit systems and is consistent with what is being proposed at the MTA in New York City.

Working to connect Capital Region residents to economic opportunity, CDTA was named the 2017 Best Mid-Sized Transportation System in North America by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).