NYS Employer Program

NYS Employees Program
The NYS-Ride program, administered by WageWorks, Inc., allows New York State employees to receive transit passes pre-tax through payroll deduction, a savings of up to 40%! WageWorks purchases public transportation fare media (such as bus fare cards) from transit authorities and employees choose the products they need. New York State Employees can learn more and sign up at NYS-Ride.

Share the cost
The employer pays a portion of the cost and the employee pays the remaining portion before taxes, giving both a tax savings.

Company pays
The employer pays the full cost of transit passes. The employee gets a free bus pass to commute to work and the employer deducts the amount from their taxable payroll. The cost of commuter benefits is a tax deductible business expense.

Want to know more?
Find out if your employer is already part of the program, or how to encourage your employer to join by contacting our CDTA sales representatives at (518) 437-6876. They will work with you to establish a program customized to fit your company's' needs.