Bid List for RFP/IFB: New Parking Lot at 122 Industrial Road Albany (to include current building demolition)

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Vendor Contact Name Phone
A & J Construction of NY,Inc Jimmy John 9144033702
AKROS MGMT INC Andres F Mercado 5187888447
Aktor Corporation Chris J Cleveland 315841377
AOW Associates Jim Urner 518-482-3400
AOW Construction, LLC Courtney Vrabel 518-512-5476
Atlantic Contracting & Specialties Matt Chapin 5182722715
Atlantic Testing Laboratories, Limited Eric M. Van Alstyne, CET 518-383-9144
AuCore Electrical LLC Gary Auclaire 5189286791
Bidnet Joe Fioretti 518-555-1212
Bronze Contracting LLC Nicholas Burns 3158965084