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Requesting STAR Service


Reservations are required for all STAR trips. Reservations may be made up to 14 days in advance during the reservation hours of 9AM to 7PM daily. Trip requests must be made no later than 5PM the day before your planned trip.

Please consider the following guidelines:

For your convenience, reservations can be made in one of three ways:

  • By Telephone - Call STAR at (518) 482-2022 and choose menu option 3. (TDD (518) 482-9024), daily from 9AM to 7PM.
  • By Fax – Fax the trip request to (518) 437-8391 during the reservation hours, Monday through Friday only.
  • By E-Mail – E-mail the trip request to

When making a reservation, please provide the following information so we can assist you:

  • Pick up location: “Where are you starting out?” (“Which door?”etc)
  • Destination: “Where are you going?” (“Which door?”etc)
  • The amount of time needed to get from the drop-off location to the destination: “How much time do you need to get from the drop-off point to your destination?”
    Note: Trip reservations sent by fax or e-mail are officially confirmed only after a STAR reservationist calls you to confirm.
  • Identity mobility aid: “Do you use a mobility aid?” “What type of device is it?”
  • PCA or companion: “Will a PCA or companion be riding with you?”
  • If a companion is riding: “Is the companion a child? Is the child under the age of 12? Is the child under the age of 4?
  • Return trip: “Will you be returning?” If ‘yes’, be sure that information required above is applied to the return trip.
  • Special instructions: “Are there any special instructions that we should give the driver? (i.e. If assistance is needed from the door it must be confirmed at time of reservation.)
  • All contact numbers related to this trip: cell phone, home and/or office number.

STAR will commit to providing you with a pick-up time within one hour before or one hour after your initial pick-up time request, as allowed by the ADA. While making telephone STAR trip reservations, STAR reservationists will attempt to arrange for a pick-up time as close as possible to the one requested. Please make sure your reservationist has accurate information about time constraints, such as when a class or your workday begins or ends.

In the event that STAR is fully-booked at the requested pick-up time, reservationists will then attempt to arrange an alternate pick-up time within one hour before or one hour after the initially-requested pick-up time.

The return trip (for round trips) or subsequent trips in a multi-destination trip should be requested at the same time the first pick-up is planned. Please anticipate the latest possible time for the return trip pick-up, keeping in mind the allowable 25-minute STAR pick-up timeframe, (scheduled time plus 25 minutes).