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233Albany - Schodack

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Showing: (East) Downtown Albany to Schodack Park and Ride or show (West)
  • weekday

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Madison Ave & Empire State Plaza (03417)
Core 1 (10597)
S. Swan St & Washington Ave (01790)
Washington Ave & Hawk St - Capitol/Hawk Station (02706)
State St & Eagle St (01787)
State St & S. Pearl St - S. Pearl Station (02509)
Broadway & Hudson Ave - Broadway Station (03937)
Madison Ave & Green Street (10502)
Madison Ave & S. Pearl St (10740)
S. Pearl St & Dunn Bridge Ramp (10741)
Columbia Tpke & Academy St (10871)
Columbia Tpke & Aiken Ave (10872)
102 Columbia Tpke (Regeneron Pharmaceuticals) (10875)
Columbia Tpke & Riverview Terr (10876)
Columbia Tpke & Hillview Ave (10877)
Columbia Tpke & Sherwood Ave (10878)
Columbia Tpke & Ridge Rd (02584)
Columbia Tpke & Homestead Ave (02714)
Columbia Tpke & Grove St (02246)
Columbia Tpke & Ondernonk Ave (02245)
330 Columbia Tpke (Stewart"s) (02738)
Columbia Tpke & Worthmen Ln (02717)
Columbia Tpke & Phillips Rd (02737)
Columbia Tpke & Old Troy Rd (02241)
590 Columbia Tpke (10888)
Columbia Tpke & Elliot Rd (02718)
Columbia Tpke & Elliot Ave (02239)
Columbia Tpke & Park Ave (02238)
Columbia Tpke & Greenwood Dr (10889)
Columbia Tpke & Jacob St (02732)
Columbia Tpke & Middlesex Rd (02731)
Columbia Tpke & Sussex Rd (02237)
Columbia Tpke & Inglewood Rd (02573)
Columbia Tpke & Sunset Rd (02235)
1568 Columbia Tpke (02576)
Columbia Tpke & Brown Dr (10155)
Columbia Tpke & Van"s Gift Store (02597)
Columbia Tpke & Kraft Rd (02583)
Columbia Tpke & Schuurman Rd (02234)
3725 Columbia Tpke (03997)
Schodack Rd Park & Ride (09002)

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Madison Ave & Empire State PlazaBroadway & Hudson Ave - Broadway StationColumbia Tpke & Sherwood Ave590 Columbia TpkeSchodack Rd Park & Ride
- - - -5:40 am5:49 am5:53 am6:03 am
6:34 am6:43 am6:52 am6:56 am7:06 am
7:39 am7:48 am7:57 am8:01 am8:11 am
8:44 am8:53 am9:02 am9:06 am9:16 am
9:49 am9:58 am10:07 am10:11 am10:21 am
10:54 am11:03 am11:12 am11:16 am11:26 am
11:59 am12:08 pm12:17 pm12:21 pm12:31 pm
1:04 pm1:13 pm1:22 pm1:26 pm1:36 pm
2:09 pm2:18 pm2:27 pm2:31 pm2:41 pm
3:14 pm3:23 pm3:32 pm3:36 pm3:46 pm
3:45 pm3:54 pm4:03 pm4:07 pm4:17 pm
4:20 pm4:29 pm4:38 pm4:42 pm4:52 pm
4:45 pm4:54 pm5:03 pm5:07 pm5:17 pm
5:25 pm5:34 pm5:43 pm5:47 pm5:57 pm
6:29 pm6:38 pm6:47 pm6:51 pm7:01 pm

Times are approximate and depend upon traffic and weather conditions. Arrive at the bus stop 2-3 minutes early to avoid missing the bus. Please note that certain schedules vary according to the day of week or route direction. Saturday and Sunday routes and times may also vary. Please feel free to download the most recent schedule for your convenience.



Leave Empire State Plaza via west on Madison Avenue, to a right on South Swan Street, to a right on Washington Avenue, to a right on Eagle Street, to a left on State Street, to a right on Broadway, to a right on Madison Avenue, to a right on South Pearl Street, to a right onto the Dunn Memorial Bridge, to the Route 9&20 exit. Continue eastbound on Route 9&20, to a left on Route # 150, to a right into the Schodack Park and Ride.


Leave the Schodack Park and Ride via left on Route # 150, to a right on Route 9&20, to the entrance onto the Dunn Memorial Bridge, to the South Pearl Street exit. Cross South Pearl Street, to Market Street and enter the tube under Empire State Plaza. Continue around the horseshoe and exit at P-1 south to a right on Madison Avenue, to E.S.P. layover point.