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Service Advisories

Memorial Day Service

All buses will operate on a Sunday/Holiday schedule.

The Northway Xpress (NX) buses will not run.

Regular weekday service will resume on Tuesday, May 30, 2017. 

Road Closure City of Schenectady

Road Closure for the City of Schenectady, starting May 14th for the next two weeks. 

Road closures are on Broadway between State St. and Hamilton St. Northbound buses will have the following reroute in place. 

Route# 351 Regular route until right on Clinton then right on State St. to regular route.

Route# 763 Regular route until right on Clinton to right on State St. around by the courthouse to Left on Veeder to Left on State St. to regular route.


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Showing: (West)DT Albany-DT Schenectady via Western Ave or show (East)
  • weekday

View stops and arrivals
Albany Bus Terminal (10503)
SUNY Plaza - Broadway Station (03248)
State St & Lodge St - S. Pearl Station (02665)
State St & Eagle St (10087)
Washington Ave & Hawk St - Capitol/Hawk Station (03250)
Washington Ave & S. Swan St (03301)
Washington Ave & Dove St (03241)
Lark St & Spring St (03219)
Lark St & Lancaster St (00564)
Lark St & Hudson Ave (00561)
Lark St & Madison Ave (00589)
Madison Ave & Willett St (00264)
Madison Ave & New Scotland Ave (00265)
Madison Ave & Robin St (00270)
Madison Ave & S. Lake Ave (00267)
Madison Ave & Quail St (00269)
Madison Ave & Ontario St (03284)
Madison Ave & Saint Rose College (00274)
Madison Ave & N. Main Ave (03333)
Western Ave & N. Allen St (00889)
Western Ave & N. Pine Ave (00277)
Western Ave & Manning Blvd (00278)
Western Ave & Homestead Ave (00335)
Western Ave & Belvedere Ave (00281)
Western Ave & Eileen St (00289)
Western Ave & Rosemont St (00291)
Western Ave & Brevator St (00865)
Western Ave & Daytona Ave (10221)
Western Ave & Campus Access Road (00866)
Western Ave & Russell Rd (00870)
Western Ave & Claredon Rd (00871)
Western Ave & Tudor Rd (00873)
Western Ave & University Pl (00413)
Western Ave & Homestead Ave (00874)
1224 Western Ave (Best Western) (10616)
Western Ave & Knowles Terr (00305)
Western Ave & Norwood St (10193)
Western Ave & Parkwood St (00308)
Western Ave & Stuyvesant Plaza (10621)
Western Ave & Chapman Dr (00374)
Western Ave & Alton Rd (00376)
Western Ave & Lawton Terr (10602)
Western Ave & Johnston Rd (00378)
Western Ave & Camp Terr (00379)
Western Ave & Kraus Rd (00380)
Western Ave & Gipp Rd (00381)
Western Ave & York Rd (00382)
Western Ave & Witte Rd (00384)
Serafini Village (00385)
Western Ave & Alvinia Rd (00386)
Western Ave & Pauline Ave (03277)
Western Ave & Norman Ave (10209)
Hamilton Square (20 Mall) (10604)
Western Ave & Windingbrook Dr (00395)
Western Ave & Willow St (00390)
2343 Western Ave (00391)
The Gade Farm (01657)
Rt 20 & Okara Dr (01656)
Rt 20 & Gay Ln (01655)
Rt 20 & Highland Dr (11301)
Carman Rd & Okara Dr (01578)
Carman Rd & Ann Dr (01579)
Carman Rd & Morningside Dr (01580)
3770 Carman Rd (Carman Plaza) (01581)
Carman Rd & E. Old State Rd (01613)
Carman Rd & Sunset Ln (01612)
Carman Rd & Rainbow Dr (01582)
Carman Rd & Whispering Pines (01583)
Carman Rd & Spawn Rd (01610)
Carman Rd & Lone Pine Dr (01654)
Carman Rd & Carman Courts Mobile Park (01609)
Omni Senior Living Community (01564)
Carman Rd & Fuller Station Rd (01607)
3403 Carman Rd (01606)
Carman Rd & Ronald Pl (03542)
Carman Rd & Lydius St (01653)
Carman Rd & Wayto Rd (01652)
Carman Rd & Marra Ln (01651)
Pine Grove Apts (03543)
2524 Curry Rd (11199)
Curry Rd & Fayette St (11200)
Curry Rd & Greenpoint Ave (11201)
Curry Rd & Ferguson St (11202)
Curry Rd & Van Wormer Rd (11203)
Curry Rd & Warrior Path (11204)
Curry Rd & Marlette St (11205)
Curry Rd & Van Derverne St (11206)
Curry Rd & Altamont Ave (11207)
Curry Rd & Hollywood Ave (01558)
1415 Curry Rd (01557)
Curry Rd & Oaklawn Rd (10202)
Curry Rd & Van Dyke Ave (01650)
Curry Rd & Guilderland Ave (01555)
Guilderland Ave & Irene St (01649)
Guilderland Ave & Vischer Ave (01648)
Guilderland Ave & Cleveland Ave (01647)
Guilderland Ave & Harrison Ave (10201)
Guilderland Ave & Ontario St (03512)
Guilderland Ave & Thompson St (03511)
Guilderland Ave & Hegeman St (03510)
Guilderland Ave & Genesee St (01646)
Guilderland Ave & Helderburg Ave (01645)
Guilderland Ave & Euclid Ave (01644)
1616 Broadway (Sunmark Credit Union) (01642)
Broadway & Lower Broadway (03532)
797 Broadway (Department of Social Services) (12335)
Broadway & Ten Eyck Apts (11294)
State St & Broadway - Downtown/Train Station (03744)
State St & Washington Ave - Liberty Park Station (02421)
Rivers Casino @ Harborside Dr (12925)

View schedule of some common stops for Route 763 -- Albany/Schenectady
If there is additional data in the table below, swipe or scroll to the left/right to view it.
Albany Bus TerminalState St & Lodge St - S. Pearl StationWashington Ave & S. Swan StLark St & Spring StMadison Ave & New Scotland AveWestern Ave & N. Allen StWestern Ave & Campus Access RoadWestern Ave & Stuyvesant PlazaHamilton Square (20 Mall)Carman Rd & Okara DrPine Grove AptsGuilderland Ave & Irene St797 Broadway (Department of Social Services)State St & Washington Ave - Liberty Park StationRivers Casino @ Harborside Dr
7:28 am7:31 am7:34 am7:36 am7:43 am7:48 am7:52 am7:58 am8:09 am8:14 am8:21 am8:28 am8:33 am8:41 am8:50 am
8:18 am8:21 am8:24 am8:26 am8:33 am8:38 am8:42 am8:48 am8:59 am9:04 am9:11 am9:18 am9:23 am9:31 am9:40 am
8:58 am9:01 am9:04 am9:06 am9:11 am9:16 am9:20 am9:25 am9:34 am9:39 am9:46 am9:53 am9:58 am10:06 am10:15 am
3:48 pm3:52 pm3:56 pm3:59 pm4:06 pm4:11 pm4:17 pm4:23 pm4:35 pm4:41 pm4:48 pm4:56 pm5:01 pm5:11 pm5:21 pm
4:46 pm4:50 pm4:55 pm4:57 pm5:05 pm5:11 pm5:17 pm5:24 pm5:37 pm5:43 pm5:50 pm5:58 pm6:03 pm6:11 pm6:21 pm
5:43 pm5:47 pm5:51 pm5:53 pm6:00 pm6:05 pm6:09 pm6:14 pm6:24 pm6:30 pm6:37 pm6:44 pm6:49 pm6:57 pm7:07 pm

Times are approximate and depend upon traffic and weather conditions. Arrive at the bus stop 2-3 minutes early to avoid missing the bus. Please note that certain schedules vary according to the day of week or route direction. Saturday and Sunday routes and times may also vary. Please feel free to download the most recent schedule for your convenience.



Depart Rivers parking lot towards Front Street. Left on Front Street. Right on Rush Street. Enter traffic circle, make first right onto Erie Blvd. Right on South Church St. Left on Fuller St around the Armory to Washington Ave to Liberty Park. East on State St. Right on Veeder – Millard. Left Broadway. Left on Guilderland Ave. Left on Curry Rd. Right on Carmen Rd. Left on Rt. 20. Right into Hamilton Square.  Right into Price Chopper parking lot. Circulate around lot to a right on Rt. 20, bear left on Western Avenue. Right on West Lawrence Street. Left on Madison Ave. Left on Lark. Right on Washington Ave. Right on Eagle St. Left on State St. Right on Broadway. Right on Madison Ave.


Dallius St, Right on Division St. Left on Broadway. Left on State St. Right on Eagle St. Left on Washington Ave. Left on Lark St. Right on Madison Ave. Right on West Lawrence St. Left on Western Ave. Left into Hamilton Square. Right into Price Chopper parking lot, circulate around lot. Right on Rt. 20. Right on Carmen Rd. Left on Curry Rd. Right on Guilderland Ave. Right on Broadway. Left on State St. Left on Erie Blvd. Right onto S. Church St. Left onto Fuller St. Right onto Washington Ave. Left onto Erie Blvd. Straight through Erie and Nott traffic circle, continue Erie Blvd Left at light to Mohawk Harbor Way. Left on Harborside Drive.