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875Saratoga Visitors Trolley

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Showing: (North) Hall of Springs to Congress Park or show (South)
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Saratoga Casino & Hotel (Summer Trolley Only) (12924)
Racino & Side Entrance @ Canopy (12173)
Rt 9 & Avenue of the Pines (12523)
S. Broadway & Fenlon Ave (12879)
Broadway & Huestis Ct (12876)
Broadway @ Congress Park (11472)
Broadway & Division St (11515)
Broadway & Lake Ave (11483)
Maple Ave Hilton (12877)
Excelsior Courtyard (Summer Trolley Only) (12867)
Nelson Ave & Wright St (Summer Trolley Only) (12605)

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This is a seasonal route that only runs during the summer.

Northbound Trolley

Leave Saratoga Casino Hotel lot to head towards Nelson Ave exit. Left on Nelson Ave to a right on Frank Sullivan Place. Take a left on Lincoln Avenue to a right on Broadway. Right on Lake Ave. Left on Maple Ave, continuing into the Hilton. Circulate the Hilton's main entrance and continue to a left on a Maple Ave. Follow Maple Ave to the Courtyard.

Southbound Trolley

Leave Courtyard Lot to a right on Maple Ave. Take a right into the Hilton entrance, then exit with a right on Maple Ave. Take a right on Lake Ave to a left on Broadway. Continue on Broadway to a left on Lincoln Ave. Take a right on Nelson Ave to a left on Frank Sullivan Place. Circulate around counter clockwise on Frank Sullivan Place to a left on Lincoln and left on Nelson. Continue on Nelson to the entrance to the Saratoga Casino Hotel.