The Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) is proactive in identifying ways to further the Capital Region’s sustainability platform. Public transportation plays a significant role in finding solutions to the numerous challenges facing our community today. Whether it's more jobs, a cleaner environment, energy independence or a better quality of life – CDTA is committed to making a difference.

CDTA works to improve accessibility and mobility, reduce the Capital Region’s carbon footprint and promote environmentally-sound business practices to benefit the residents, businesses and our communities. CDTA actively explores intelligent, efficient sustainable programs that support successful initiatives including but not limited to complete street design, road diets, enhanced intelligent transportation systems, safer pedestrian crossings and growth of alternative fuel and transportation modes. Add the ability to lessen the impact of emissions and outdated planning or providing guidance in the proper building environments and you can see why CDTA and the Capital Region are ready to take the next step.

Public transit is an integral component of community vitality, environmental awareness and a significant tool in promoting regional sustainability. These initiatives work to preserve environmental systems, as well as promote new ways to accomplish goals to support robust economies and vibrant communities. We work cooperatively to explore how CDTA can deepen the Capital Region’s connection to the educational and environmental benefits of public transportation and create a stronger focus on sustainability that will help communities prosper through increased services.

Take a look at the many ways in which we partner with other organizations with the goal of building a sustainable future together.




Last Updated: 02/09/2015