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353Scotia and Mt. Pleasant

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Showing: (East)Glenville Walmart-Downtown Schenectady-Altamont Ave or show (West)
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Walmart - Glenville (11179)
Rt 50 & Baptist Retirement Health Center (01729)
Cuthbert St & Lindberg Ct (03601)
Cuthbert St & Wilmarth St (03600)
Cuthbert St & Vley Rd (03599)
Vley Rd & 5th St (01728)
5th St & Huston St (01739)
5th St & Sacandaga Rd (03565)
Sacandaga Rd & Vine St (01703)
Sacandaga Rd & Mohawk Ave (01704)
207 Mohawk Ave (03572)
101 Mohawk Ave (12380)
Mohawk Ave & Glen Ave (12467)
State St & Washington Ave - Liberty Park Station (02421)
State St & Ferry St (02795)
State St & Broadway - Downtown/Train Station (10207)
State St & Veeder Ave- Veeder/Nott Terrace Station (02755)
Albany St & Georgetta Dix Blvd (03656)
Albany St & Hulett St (02302)
Craig St & Emmett St (03645)
Craig St & Delamont Ave (02404)
Craig St & Duane Ave (03648)
Main Ave & Forest Rd (03583)
Main Ave & Willett St (12624)
Main Ave & Crane St (02402)
Crane St & 7th Ave (02401)
Crane St & 8th St (10279)
Lakeview Ave & Crane St (12469)
Lakeview Ave & Chrisler Ave (12471)
1502 Chrisler Ave (Mont Pleasant Commons) (11169)
Chrisler Ave & Altamont Ave (Near CVS) (12470)
Altamont Ave & Houlton Ave (11231)
Altamont Ave & Crane St (11232)
Altamont Ave & Suffolk Ave (11233)
Altamont Ave & Wedgewood Ave (11234)
Altamont Ave & Price Chopper (11235)

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Walmart - GlenvilleVley Rd & 5th StSacandaga Rd & Mohawk AveState St & Washington Ave - Liberty Park StationAlbany St & Hulett StMain Ave & Crane StAltamont Ave & Price Chopper
5:00 am5:06 am5:09 am5:15 am5:21 am5:25 am5:34 am
5:45 am5:51 am5:54 am6:00 am6:06 am6:10 am6:19 am
6:30 am6:36 am6:39 am6:45 am6:51 am6:55 am7:04 am
7:15 am7:21 am7:24 am7:28 am7:37 am7:42 am7:51 am
8:00 am8:06 am8:09 am8:13 am8:22 am8:27 am8:36 am
8:45 am8:51 am8:54 am8:58 am9:07 am9:12 am9:21 am
6:30 pm6:36 pm6:39 pm6:43 pm6:52 pm6:57 pm7:06 pm
7:15 pm7:21 pm7:24 pm7:28 pm7:37 pm7:42 pm7:51 pm
8:00 pm8:06 pm8:09 pm8:13 pm8:22 pm8:27 pm8:36 pm
8:45 pm8:51 pm8:54 pm8:58 pm9:07 pm9:12 pm9:21 pm
10:15 pm10:21 pm10:23 pm10:27 pm10:35 pm10:40 pm10:48 pm
9:15 am9:21 am9:24 am9:28 am9:37 am9:42 am9:51 am
9:45 am9:51 am9:54 am9:58 am10:07 am10:12 am10:21 am
10:15 am10:21 am10:24 am10:28 am10:37 am10:42 am10:51 am
10:45 am10:51 am10:54 am10:58 am11:07 am11:12 am11:21 am
11:15 am11:21 am11:24 am11:28 am11:37 am11:42 am11:51 am
11:45 am11:51 am11:54 am11:58 am12:07 pm12:12 pm12:21 pm
12:15 pm12:21 pm12:24 pm12:28 pm12:37 pm12:42 pm12:51 pm
2:15 pm2:21 pm2:24 pm2:28 pm2:37 pm2:42 pm2:51 pm
12:45 pm12:51 pm12:54 pm12:58 pm1:07 pm1:12 pm1:21 pm
1:15 pm1:21 pm1:24 pm1:28 pm1:37 pm1:42 pm1:51 pm
1:45 pm1:51 pm1:54 pm1:58 pm2:07 pm2:12 pm2:21 pm
2:45 pm2:51 pm2:54 pm2:58 pm3:07 pm3:12 pm3:21 pm
3:15 pm3:21 pm3:24 pm3:28 pm3:37 pm3:42 pm3:51 pm
3:45 pm3:51 pm3:54 pm3:58 pm4:07 pm4:12 pm4:21 pm
5:45 pm5:51 pm5:54 pm5:58 pm6:07 pm6:12 pm6:21 pm
4:15 pm4:21 pm4:24 pm4:28 pm4:37 pm4:42 pm4:51 pm
4:45 pm4:51 pm4:54 pm4:58 pm5:07 pm5:12 pm5:21 pm
5:15 pm5:21 pm5:24 pm5:28 pm5:37 pm5:42 pm5:51 pm

Times are approximate and depend upon traffic and weather conditions. Arrive at the bus stop 2-3 minutes early to avoid missing the bus. Please note that certain schedules vary according to the day of week or route direction. Saturday and Sunday routes and times may also vary. Please feel free to download the most recent schedule for your convenience.



Leave Wal-Mart, Right on Dutch meadow Lane, Left on Ballston Avenue ,Right on Cuthbert St, Left on Vly Rd ,Right on 5th Street, Left on Sacandaga Road, Left on Mohawk Avenue To State Street, Right onto Veeder Ave, Left onto Albany Street, Right on Craig Street, Into Main Avenue Left on Crane Street, Left on Lakeview Avenue, Right on Chrisler Avenue, Right on Altamont Avenue, Right on Ferguson, Left to Hulett/Angers Ave. (Price Chopper)


(Price Chopper) Leave Hulett/Angers Ave, Left on Tower, Left on Altamont Avenue, Left on Chrisler Avenue ,Left on Lakeview Avenue, Right on Crane Street ,Right on Main Avenue To Craig Street, Left on Albany Street ,Right on Veeder Avenue, Left on State Street To Mohawk Avenue, Right on Sacandaga Road, Right on 5th Street, Left on Vley Road, Right on Cuthberth Street, Left on Ballston Avenue, Right on Dutch Meadow Lane, Left into Wal-Mart.