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Showing: (North)Albany-Latham Farms-Cohoes-Troy or show (South)
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Albany Bus Terminal (10503)
State St & Lodge St - S. Pearl Station (02665)
State St & Eagle St (10087)
Washington Ave & Hawk St - Capitol/Hawk Station (03250)
Washington Ave & S. Swan St (03301)
Washington Ave & Dove St (03241)
Washington Ave & Lark St (Armory) - Lark Station (03239)
Central Ave & Henry Johnson Blvd (11617)
Henry Johnson Blvd & Sheridan Ave (03446)
Henry Johnson Blvd & Clinton Ave (02058)
Henry Johnson Blvd & 1st St (03283)
Henry Johnson Blvd & 2nd St (02160)
Henry Johnson Blvd & Livingston Ave (02099)
Northern Blvd & Colonie St (10584)
Northern Blvd & Manning Blvd (03442)
N. Manning Blvd & Northern Blvd (03443)
Northern Blvd & Pennsylvania Ave (10126)
500 Northern Blvd (Red Carpet Inn) (10586)
Northern Blvd & Shaker Rd (03441)
600 Northern Blvd (Memorial Hospital) (02089)
120 Van Rensselaer Blvd (Wolfert"s Roost CC) (11619)
Van Rensselaer Blvd & Wolfert Ave (02091)
Van Rensselaer Blvd & Amsterdam Ave (03189)
Van Rensselaer Blvd & Hendrick Ave (02953)
Van Rensselaer Blvd & River Hill Ave (02078)
Van Rensselaer Blvd & Scott Dr (02090)
Van Rensselaer Blvd & Wards Ln (02092)
Van Rensselaer Blvd & Park Dr (12674)
151 Menands Rd & Barry Ct (Loudon House Condos) (12888)
Menands Rd & Fernwood Dr (12676)
New Loudon Rd & Bacon Ln (03098)
New Loudon Rd & Burton Ln (11065)
New Loudon Rd & Turner Ln (01904)
New Loudon Rd & Springwood Manor Dr (01906)
New Loudon Rd & Siena College (01907)
New Loudon Rd & Fidders Ln (01909)
New Loudon Rd & Maxwell Rd (11066)
New Loudon Rd & Homestead Dr (00975)
New Loudon Rd & Stewart"s (11067)
New Loundn Rd & Glennon Rd (12923)
663 New Loudon Rd (Burger King) (01887)
727 New Loudon Rd (Northway Toyota) (01889)
Shoppes of Latham (Walmart) (11053)
Rt 2 & Sunset Dr (12366)
Latham Farms (11116)
Old Loudon Rd & Purtell Ave (01894)
Old Loudon Rd & Price Chopper (01896)
Old Loudon Rd & Jeanne Jugan Ln (01898)
400 Old Loudon Rd (Holiday Inn Express) (03097)
Columbia St & Ten Oak"s (Mobile Park) (12682)
Columbia St & Bridgette Cir (12683)
Columbia St & Baker Ave (07529)
Columbia St & Eddy Ford Nursing Home (04016)
Columbia St & Cohoes High School (08017)
Columbia St & Stratford (10059)
Columbia St & Simmons Ave (04011)
Simmons Ave & Elm St (03073)
Simmons Ave & Wtibeck Ave (12684)
Simmons Ave & Vliet Blvd (03081)
Vliet Blvd & Garner St (11744)
Garner St & Worth St (04099)
Garner St & Johnston Ave (04152)
Garner St & Roulier Heights Apts (04095)
High St & Bedford St (04151)
Ontario St & Olmstead St (12685)
Remsen St & Canal Square (04093)
Remsen St & Cayuga St (04148)
Mohawk St & Seneca St (12677)
Ontario St & Remsen St (12678)
Remsen St & White St (04092)
Remsen St & Howard St (04091)
Columbia St & Main St (04090)
Main St & Schuyler St (04125)
Main St & Newark St (04170)
211 Main St (04126)
Saratoga St & Spring St (04209)
Saratoga St & Bridge St (11083)
572 Saratoga St (CDT Automotive) (11084)
Saratoga Rd & Speedway Station (11085)
Saratoga Rd @ Saratoga Sites (11086)
Tibbits Ave & Cohoes Ave (11573)
Cohoes Ave & Arch St (11088)
Arch St & James St (11090)
Arch St & Paine St (11092)
Arch St & George St (11093)
George St & Swan St (11094)
George St & Clinton St (11096)
George St & Market St (11097)
George St & Hamilton St (11098)
George St & Lafayette St (11099)
Albany Ave & Walnut St (11101)
Albany Ave & Pine St (11102)
25th St & Whitehall St (00070)
2nd Ave & 24th St (12687)
2nd Ave & 21st St (00073)
Ferry St & 3rd St (07163)
4th St & Congress St (07125)
4th St & Fulton St (07130)

View schedule of some common stops for Route 182 -- Troy-Cohoes-Latham-Albany
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Albany Bus TerminalState St & Lodge St - S. Pearl StationWashington Ave & Lark St (Armory) - Lark Station600 Northern Blvd (Memorial Hospital)Van Rensselaer Blvd & Wards LnNew Loudon Rd & Siena CollegeShoppes of Latham (Walmart)Latham FarmsColumbia St & Baker AveVliet Blvd & Garner StRemsen St & Cayuga StArch St & George St2nd Ave & 21st St4th St & Fulton St
5:18 am5:21 am5:26 am5:35 am5:38 am5:45 am5:53 am5:57 am6:06 am6:11 am6:16 am6:28 am6:33 am6:38 am
5:48 am5:51 am5:56 am6:05 am6:08 am6:15 am6:23 am6:27 am6:36 am6:41 am6:46 am6:58 am7:03 am7:08 am
6:18 am6:21 am6:26 am6:35 am6:38 am6:45 am6:53 am6:57 am7:06 am7:11 am7:16 am7:28 am7:33 am7:38 am
6:47 am6:50 am6:55 am7:04 am7:07 am7:14 am7:22 am7:26 am7:35 am7:40 am7:45 am7:57 am8:02 am8:07 am
7:17 am7:20 am7:25 am7:34 am7:37 am7:44 am7:52 am7:56 am8:05 am8:10 am8:15 am8:27 am8:32 am8:37 am
7:47 am7:50 am7:55 am8:04 am8:07 am8:14 am8:22 am8:26 am8:35 am8:40 am8:45 am8:57 am9:02 am9:07 am
8:17 am8:20 am8:25 am8:34 am8:37 am8:44 am8:52 am8:56 am9:05 am9:10 am9:15 am9:27 am9:32 am9:37 am
8:47 am8:50 am8:55 am9:04 am9:07 am9:14 am9:22 am9:26 am9:35 am9:40 am9:45 am9:57 am10:02 am10:07 am
9:04 am9:08 am9:14 am9:24 am9:27 am9:33 am9:43 am9:47 am9:57 am10:02 am10:07 am10:20 am10:25 am10:30 am
9:39 am9:43 am9:49 am9:59 am10:02 am10:08 am10:18 am10:22 am10:32 am10:37 am10:42 am10:55 am11:00 am11:05 am
10:24 am10:28 am10:34 am10:44 am10:47 am10:53 am11:03 am11:07 am11:17 am11:22 am11:27 am11:40 am11:45 am11:50 am
11:09 am11:13 am11:19 am11:29 am11:32 am11:38 am11:48 am11:52 am12:02 pm12:07 pm12:12 pm12:25 pm12:30 pm12:35 pm
11:54 am11:58 am12:04 pm12:14 pm12:17 pm12:23 pm12:33 pm12:37 pm12:47 pm12:52 pm12:57 pm1:10 pm1:15 pm1:20 pm
12:39 pm12:43 pm12:49 pm12:59 pm1:02 pm1:08 pm1:18 pm1:22 pm1:32 pm1:37 pm1:42 pm1:55 pm2:00 pm2:05 pm
1:24 pm1:28 pm1:34 pm1:44 pm1:47 pm1:53 pm2:03 pm2:07 pm2:17 pm2:22 pm2:27 pm2:40 pm2:45 pm2:50 pm
2:09 pm2:13 pm2:19 pm2:29 pm2:32 pm2:38 pm2:48 pm2:52 pm3:02 pm3:07 pm3:12 pm3:25 pm3:30 pm3:35 pm
2:34 pm2:38 pm2:44 pm2:54 pm2:57 pm3:03 pm3:13 pm3:17 pm3:27 pm3:32 pm3:37 pm3:50 pm3:55 pm4:00 pm
3:04 pm3:08 pm3:15 pm3:27 pm3:31 pm3:39 pm3:49 pm3:53 pm4:04 pm4:09 pm4:14 pm4:26 pm4:31 pm4:36 pm
3:25 pm3:29 pm3:36 pm3:48 pm3:52 pm4:00 pm4:10 pm4:14 pm4:25 pm4:30 pm4:35 pm4:47 pm4:52 pm4:57 pm
3:55 pm3:59 pm4:06 pm4:18 pm4:22 pm4:30 pm4:40 pm4:44 pm4:55 pm5:00 pm5:05 pm5:17 pm5:22 pm5:27 pm
4:25 pm4:29 pm4:36 pm4:48 pm4:52 pm5:00 pm5:10 pm5:14 pm5:25 pm5:30 pm5:35 pm5:47 pm5:52 pm5:57 pm
4:55 pm4:59 pm5:06 pm5:18 pm5:22 pm5:30 pm5:40 pm5:44 pm5:55 pm6:00 pm6:05 pm6:17 pm6:22 pm6:27 pm
5:25 pm5:29 pm5:36 pm5:48 pm5:52 pm6:00 pm6:10 pm6:14 pm6:25 pm6:30 pm6:35 pm6:47 pm6:52 pm6:57 pm
5:55 pm5:58 pm6:03 pm6:11 pm6:14 pm6:20 pm6:29 pm6:33 pm6:42 pm6:46 pm6:51 pm7:02 pm7:06 pm7:10 pm
6:15 pm6:18 pm6:23 pm6:31 pm6:34 pm6:40 pm6:49 pm6:53 pm7:02 pm7:06 pm7:11 pm7:22 pm7:26 pm7:30 pm
6:47 pm6:50 pm6:55 pm7:03 pm7:06 pm7:12 pm7:21 pm7:25 pm7:34 pm7:38 pm7:43 pm7:54 pm7:58 pm8:02 pm
7:47 pm7:50 pm7:55 pm8:03 pm8:06 pm8:12 pm8:21 pm8:25 pm8:34 pm8:38 pm8:43 pm8:54 pm8:58 pm9:02 pm
8:47 pm8:50 pm8:55 pm9:03 pm9:06 pm9:12 pm9:21 pm9:25 pm9:34 pm9:38 pm9:43 pm9:54 pm9:58 pm10:02 pm
9:47 pm9:50 pm9:55 pm10:03 pm10:06 pm10:11 pm10:20 pm10:24 pm10:33 pm10:37 pm10:41 pm10:52 pm10:56 pm11:00 pm
10:47 pm10:50 pm10:55 pm11:03 pm11:06 pm11:11 pm11:20 pm11:24 pm11:33 pm11:37 pm11:41 pm11:52 pm11:56 pm12:00 am

Times are approximate and depend upon traffic and weather conditions. Arrive at the bus stop 2-3 minutes early to avoid missing the bus. Please note that certain schedules vary according to the day of week or route direction. Saturday and Sunday routes and times may also vary. Please feel free to download the most recent schedule for your convenience.



Leave River & Front Street, Continue down 3rd Street, Right on Congress St, Left on River St to Congress Street Bridge, Right on 2nd Ave (Watervliet)
Right on 25th St to Albany Ave, Left on Hudson Ave to George St, Left on Arch St., Right on Cohoes Road, Left on Tibbits Ave, Right on Saratoga St. / Cohoes Rd (Route32), Left on Main St, Right on Columbia St, Left on Remsen St., Right on Cayuga St, Right on Mohawk St, Right on Ontario St ,Right on High St, Right on Gardner St, Left on Vliet, Left on Simmons Ave, Right on Columbia St, Left on Old Loudon Road, Right on Troy-Schenectady Road (Route 2), Continue on Troy-Schenectady Road through rotary, Right on Erin St (Latham Farms entrance), Arrive at Latham Farms, Leave Latham Farms via Erin Street, Right on Route 9, Continue on Route 9 South under rotary, Left on Menands Rd (Route 378), Right on Van Rensselaer Blvd, Right on Northern Blvd, Right on Henry Johnson Blvd, Left Central Ave to Washington Ave, Bear right on Eagle Street., Left on State Street., Right on Broadway, Right on Madison Ave


Leave Madison, Right on Green, Left on Dallius, Right on Division, Left on Broadway, Left on State, Right on Washington Ave to Central Ave ,Right on Henry Johnson Blvd, Right on Livingston Ave, Take first left to Northern Blvd, Left on Northern Blvd, Left on Van Rensselaer Blvd, Left on Menands Rd (Route 378), Right on Loudon Rd (Route 9), Left into Latham Farms entrance, Arrive Latham Farms, Left on Route 2, Left via rotary to Troy-Schenectady Road (Route 2), Left on Old Loudon Rd., Right on Columbia St, Left on Simmons Ave ,Right on Vliet Blvd, Right on Gardner St ,Left on High St, Left on Ontario St, Left on Mohawk St ,Left on Cayuga St ,Left on Remsen St ,Right on Columbia St ,Left on Main St ,Right on Saratoga St.  / Cohoes Rd (Route 32) ,Left on Tibbits Ave, Right on Cohoes Ave, Left on Arch St., Right on George St to Hudson Ave, Right on Albany Ave to 25th St., Left on 2nd ,Left on 19th via Congress St Bridge ,Left on 4th   to 4th and Fulton