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114Madison / Washington

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Service Advisories

Herrick St bridge being closed

ALBANY: Due to the Herrick St bridge being closed (long term 6 months)

Route# 114 line will use Partition st to Broadway going Westbound to CROSSGATES.


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Showing: (East)Crossgates Mall/Albany/Amtrak via Washington/Madison or show (West)
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Crossgates Mid-Mall (07175)
Western Ave & Johnson Rd (00405)
Western Ave & Gabriel Terr (00406)
Western Ave & Alton Rd (00407)
Western Ave & Chapman Dr (00408)
Fuller Rd & Executive Park Dr (12667)
Fuller Rd & Mercer St (12668)
Fuller Rd & Loughlin St (12669)
SUNY Polytechnic Institute - Fuller Rd (12820)
SUNY Collins Circle (07216)
Washington Ave & SUNY Exit Rd (10134)
Washington Ave & Brevator St (03348)
Washington Ave & Clermont St (03304)
Washington Ave & Hawthorne St (02182)
Washington Ave & Homestead Ave (02180)
Washington Ave & Manning Blvd (11581)
Washington Ave & N. Allen St (01796)
N. Allen St & State St (01213)
N. Allen St & Lancaster St (01214)
Western Ave & N. Allen St (00877)
Western Ave & W. Lawrence St (01356)
Madison Ave & S. Main Ave (00339)
Madison Ave & Saint Rose College (00340)
Madison Ave & Partridge St (00341)
Madison Ave & Ontario St (00342)
Madison Ave & Quail St (00343)
Madison Ave & S. Lake St (00345)
Madison Ave & Robin St (00347)
Madison Ave & New Scotland Ave (00348)
Madison Ave & Willett St (00350)
Madison Ave & Delaware Ave (03421)
Madison Ave & Dove St (03481)
Madison Ave & S. Swan St (03480)
NY State Museum (10849)
Madison Ave & Eagle St (03479)
Madison Ave & Grand St (12350)
Madison Ave & S. Pearl St (12320)
Albany Bus Terminal (10503)
SUNY Plaza - Broadway Station (03248)
Broadway & Peter D Kiernan Plaza (03940)
Broadway & 4th Ave (00313)
3rd Ave & Walker St (City Hall) (11394)
3rd Ave & Adams St (00316)
Adams St & East St (00906)
East St & 4th Ave (00317)
East St & Herrick St (Rensselaer Rail Station) (00318)

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Crossgates Mid-MallSUNY Polytechnic Institute - Fuller RdSUNY Collins CircleWestern Ave & N. Allen StMadison Ave & Quail StNY State MuseumAlbany Bus TerminalSUNY Plaza - Broadway StationEast St & Herrick St (Rensselaer Rail Station)
6:07 am6:16 am6:21 am6:29 am6:34 am6:40 am6:43 am6:44 am6:54 am
6:37 am6:46 am6:51 am6:59 am7:04 am7:10 am7:13 am7:14 am7:24 am
7:07 am7:17 am7:22 am7:31 am7:37 am7:44 am7:48 am7:49 am7:59 am
7:37 am7:47 am7:52 am8:01 am8:07 am8:14 am8:18 am8:19 am8:29 am
8:07 am8:17 am8:22 am8:31 am8:37 am8:44 am8:48 am8:49 am8:59 am
8:37 am8:47 am8:52 am9:01 am9:07 am9:14 am9:18 am9:19 am9:29 am
9:07 am9:17 am9:22 am9:30 am9:35 am9:41 am9:45 am9:46 am9:55 am
9:37 am9:47 am9:52 am10:00 am10:05 am10:11 am10:15 am10:16 am10:25 am
10:07 am10:17 am10:22 am10:30 am10:35 am10:41 am10:45 am10:46 am10:55 am
10:37 am10:47 am10:52 am11:00 am11:05 am11:11 am11:15 am11:16 am11:25 am
11:07 am11:17 am11:22 am11:30 am11:35 am11:41 am11:45 am11:46 am11:55 am
11:37 am11:47 am11:52 am12:00 pm12:05 pm12:11 pm12:15 pm12:16 pm12:25 pm
12:07 pm12:17 pm12:22 pm12:30 pm12:35 pm12:41 pm12:45 pm12:46 pm12:55 pm
12:37 pm12:47 pm12:52 pm1:00 pm1:05 pm1:11 pm1:15 pm1:16 pm1:25 pm
1:07 pm1:17 pm1:22 pm1:30 pm1:35 pm1:41 pm1:45 pm1:46 pm1:55 pm
1:37 pm1:47 pm1:52 pm2:00 pm2:05 pm2:11 pm2:15 pm2:16 pm2:25 pm
2:07 pm2:17 pm2:22 pm2:30 pm2:35 pm2:41 pm2:45 pm2:46 pm2:55 pm
2:37 pm2:47 pm2:52 pm3:00 pm3:05 pm3:11 pm3:15 pm3:16 pm3:25 pm
3:07 pm3:17 pm3:22 pm3:31 pm3:37 pm3:44 pm3:48 pm3:49 pm3:59 pm
3:37 pm3:47 pm3:52 pm4:01 pm4:07 pm4:14 pm4:18 pm4:19 pm4:29 pm
4:07 pm4:17 pm4:22 pm4:31 pm4:37 pm4:44 pm4:48 pm4:49 pm4:59 pm
4:37 pm4:47 pm4:52 pm5:01 pm5:07 pm5:14 pm5:18 pm5:19 pm5:29 pm
5:07 pm5:17 pm5:22 pm5:31 pm5:37 pm5:44 pm5:48 pm5:49 pm5:59 pm
5:37 pm5:47 pm5:52 pm6:01 pm6:07 pm6:14 pm6:18 pm6:19 pm6:29 pm
6:07 pm6:17 pm6:22 pm6:30 pm6:35 pm6:41 pm6:44 pm6:45 pm6:55 pm
6:37 pm6:47 pm6:52 pm7:00 pm7:05 pm7:11 pm7:14 pm7:15 pm7:25 pm
7:37 pm7:47 pm7:52 pm8:00 pm8:05 pm8:11 pm8:14 pm8:15 pm8:25 pm
8:37 pm8:47 pm8:52 pm9:00 pm9:05 pm9:11 pm9:14 pm9:15 pm9:25 pm
9:37 pm9:47 pm9:52 pm10:00 pm10:05 pm10:11 pm10:14 pm10:15 pm10:25 pm
10:37 pm10:47 pm10:52 pm11:00 pm11:05 pm11:11 pm11:14 pm11:15 pm11:25 pm
11:37 pm11:47 pm11:52 pm12:00 am12:05 am12:11 am12:14 am12:15 am12:25 am

Times are approximate and depend upon traffic and weather conditions. Arrive at the bus stop 2-3 minutes early to avoid missing the bus. Please note that certain schedules vary according to the day of week or route direction. Saturday and Sunday routes and times may also vary. Please feel free to download the most recent schedule for your convenience.



Operate via East Street, to left on the Herrick Street Bridge, to a left on Broadway, to a right on the Dunn Memorial Bridge, to I-787 north, to exit for Corning Preserve and bear left onto I-787 south, to exit for Clinton Avenue, to left on Broadway, to a right on Madison Avenue, to a right on West Lawrence St., to a left on Western Avenue, to a right on North Allen Street. to a left on Washington Ave, to a left into the SUNY Campus, to Collins Circle. Leave Collins Circle to a left on Washington Avenue, to the ramp into Crossgates Mall. Go around the pond to a left at the traffic light to the Mid Mall Bus Shelter.


Leave Mid Mall stop and turn left at the stop sign and continue along the front of the building to a left onto the ramp opposite Dicks Sporting Goods. Turn right on the outer perimeter road and then right on Crossgates Mall Road. Continue around the west end of the mall to the ramp for Washington Avenue east. Continue east on Washington Avenue, to a right into the SUNY Campus to Collins Circle. Leave Collins Circle to a right on the SUNY perimeter road, to the next left, to a right on Washington Avenue, to a right on North Allen Street, left on Western Avenue, right on West Lawrence Street, left on Madison Avenue, left on Green Street, to Dallius Street, right on Division Street, left on Broadway, right on Columbia Street, right on Water Street, to the ramp for Rensselaer. Continue across the Dunn Memorial Bridge, to the Rensselaer Exit, right on Broadway, left on Third Avenue, left on Adams Street, right on East Street, to bus shelter across from the front entrance of Amtrak